Robinson Schedules Two Trips

Russell Robinson has scheduled a pair of official visits. The New York Gauchos guard is looking at six schools but he's going to need to take some visits.

There will come a time when Russell Robinson is completely at ease and comfortable with his school lists. That time likely won't come until he's seen some campuses.

"It's hard to [narrow it] down right now, especially since I haven't seen [the campuses]," Robinson said. He's currently looking at St. John's, Kansas, Connecticut, Georgia Tech, Florida State and Kentucky.

It's tough to analyze his list. St. John's has probably been there the longest while Florida State is the newest to the list. Right now, however, there's no rhyme or reason until some visits happen.

Right now Robinson says that he definitely wants to visit Kansas, Georgia Tech and Kentucky. In fact, he'll officially visit Tech Sept. 20 and Kansas the following weekend on the 27th.

Robinson, a team guy if there ever was one, has simple expectations for his visit. He wants to check up on just a few things. "The team. Do the players accept me and do I feel comfortable playing with the players?"

"I want to try to take all five visits. I don't have five [scheduled] but I've got three I'm definitely going to take them. It's like … a couple of them, I don't know if I'm going to visit or not."

On a lighter note, Robinson met Michael Jordan last week. MJ's advice? "He just said to stay away from the girls."

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