West Coast Rankings: 2004 SFs

The 2004 small forward class is definitely down this year, with only a handful of high major prospects in the group...

The small forward spot is usually a pretty deep position, but
that's not the case this year. There are only a few high major
prospects in this year's class. Williams is easily the top
prospect in this group and in the entire West Coast class. An
explosive athlete, his skills have improved dramatically in the
last year. He doesn't figure to spend much time in college.
Pendergraft has a great feel for the game and excellent skills.
He should fit right in at Gonzaga and figures to be a key
contributor right away. Roberson is new to the West Coast, having
moved to Compton from Louisiana. He's a very good athlete and
showed fairly good skills. Pierce has always had ability and upside,
but hasn't shown a great feel for the game. If he can learn
to play within a team concept, he has a chance to be a solid
prospect. Harmeling wasn't seen by many people this summer,
but he's a good athlete with the ability to play inside and on
the perimeter.


1) Marvin Williams, 6-8, Bremerton (Wash.) High
2) David Pendergraft, 6-6, Brewster (Wash.) High
3) Lamar Roberson, 6-6, Compton (Calif.) Dominguez
4) Tim Pierce, 6-6, Oakland (Calif.) Fremont
5) Daven Harmeling, 6-7, Grand Junction (Col.) Fruita Monument
6) Rick Cardoso, 6-7, Fresno (Calif.) Central
7) Phil Harbaugh, 6-7, Corvallis (Ore.) High
8) Marcel Jones, 6-6, Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei
9) Daniel Fleming, 6-7, Murrieta Valley (Calif.) High
10) Chris Fields, 6-5, Long Beach (Calif.) Poly
11) Kory Sperry, 6-5, Pueblo (Col.) Pueblo County
12) Chris Berry, 6-6 Compton (Calif.) Centennial
13) Jonathan Heard, 6-5, Los Angeles Dorsey
14) Justin Williams, 6-5, Corona (Calif.) Centennial
15) Steven Davis, 6-4, Los Angeles (Calif.) Fremont

Other Small Forwards of Note:

Daniel Cavic, 6-5, Tustin (Calif.) High
Matt Penoncello, 6-6, Moscow (Ida.) High  
Cornell Johnson, 6-4, Las Vegas (Nev.) Bonanza
Justin Armstrong, 6-4, Oceanside (Calif.) El Camino
Kyle Brucculeri, 6-6, Los Alamitos (Calif.) High
Mark Hall, 6-7, El Cajon (Calif.) Granite Hills
Curtis Terry, 6-4 Tacoma (Wash.) Curtis
Vada Jarmon, 6-3 Santa Ana (Calif.) Foothill
Erik Ainge, 6-5, Hillsboro (Ore.) Glencoe
Ryan Keeling, 6-5, Springfield (OR) Thurston
Stephen Augmon, 6-4 Palo Alto (Calif.) Eastside Prep
Zach Tarver, 6-5 Portland (Ore.) Jesuit
Daniel Burke, 6-3 Rialto (Calif.) Eisenhower
Mike Gordy, 6-6 Denver (Col.) Manual
Thomas Huff, 6-5 Chandler (Ariz.) Hamilton
Andre Hayes, 6-2 San Jose (Calif.) Piedmont Hills
Taylor Jackson, 6-5 Provo (Utah) Tempview
Jermaine Johnson, 6-2 Seaside (Calif.) High
Devon Uskoski, 6-5, Prairie (Wash.) High
Jon Kargas, 6-3 San Diego (Calif.) Scripps Ranch
Jesse Stott, 6-4 Salt Lake City (Utah) East
Anthony Dandridge, 6-5, El Cajon (Calif.) Cajon
Darryl Barnett, 6-5, Moreno Valley (Calif.) High
Ramses Barden, 6-3, La Canada (Calif.) Flintridge Prep
Mike Perram, 6-5, Ramona (Calif.) High
Brandon Matthews, 6-4, Rancho Santa Margarita (Calif.) Santa Margarita
Chauncey Wiseman, 6-4 San Diego (Calif.) High
Calin Schell, 6-5, Chelan (Wash.) High
Terry Johnson, 6-5 Reno (Nev.) High
John Rogers, 6-5, Seattle (Wash.) Franklin
Robert Ketchum, 6-4, Sacramento (Calif.) Sheldon
Steven Shewmake, 6-6, Desert Hot Springs (Calif.) High
Chauncey Wiseman, 6-4, San Diego (Calif.) High
Paul Brockman, 6-4, Snohomish (Wash.) High
Brian Burke, 6-5, Bellevue (Wash.) Interlake
Taylor Alvey, 6-5 Sandy (Utah) Alta

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