Malik Williams has shined at the Under Armour finals

CARTERSVILLE, GA - Four-star power forward Malik Williams has made a huge statement with his play at the Under Armour Finals, and talks some of his top college options.

Class of 2017 power forward Malik Williams is one of the most talented players in the country. Williams, and he has shown his full arsenal at the Under Armour Finals. The 6-foot-10 Williams has scored inside and out, and continues to improve his consistency to go with his immense talent.

“It has been going pretty good,” said Williams of July. “I have been playing pretty well and the team has been playing well overall. We are just focused on going out and winning a championship.”

He continued, “I am working to show my ball handling and shooting ability. I have worked on my passing and I want to show everybody I am a smart all-around player.”

Schools that have been consistently watching Williams in July include Indiana, Louisville, Iowa, Purdue, and Michigan State. Also he has been tracked by schools such as Maryland, UCLA, Xavier, Cincinnati, and others.

About playing in front of the coaches, Williams said, “It is nice to have them come in and watch me play and know that they want me to come to their school. I try to not pay too much attention to it, but I do notice who is at my games.”

Most recently for Williams was a visit to Michigan State.

When it comes to that trip, Williams said, “It was my third time going down there. I got a nice feel for the campus and I got to play with the guys. They told me I would be a nice fit with the program and the guys all told me they want me on the team.”

Also he recently made a trip to Louisville, about that experience, Williams said, “It was a nice visit. It is a really nice and the coaching staff and the players were all cool. I got to play in open gym with the players and it was a really nice experience.”

Beyond that, Williams has been to in-state programs Purdue and Indiana several times.

About the Hoosiers, Williams said, “Indiana sees me fitting in as a player who they go to as a stretch four who can play on the wing or go down to the post.”

He continued, “IU has been there the longest. They were my first offer and it has been nice ever since.”

When it comes to Purdue, he responded, “Purdue has just been consistent with the recruiting process since it started. Their message is about development and how they would help me.”

Also Williams has been to Iowa, and the Hawkeyes made an impression on their visit.

“I liked it out there,” said Williams. “I like the coaching staff, and they have been real consistent recruiting me.”

For now Williams isn’t putting a timetable on anything, and wants to see the schools he is interested once he fully narrows things down in August.

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