Four working hardest on No. 22 2018 PF Shareef O'Neal, who confirms potential package deal

ANAHEIM, Calif. - With father Shaquille O'Neal in attendance, 2018 power forward Shareef O'Neal took the court on Saturday at the Double Pump Best of Summer. Scout caught up with the five-star prospect to discuss his recruitment, including a potential package deal with a teammate.

One of the top power forward prospects in the 2018 class comes from Santa Monica (Calif.) Crossroads in Shareef O'Neal.

Scout's 22nd ranked rising junior, the 6-foot-9, 200-pound four man is a good athlete who can knock down jumpers, while he's an unselfish player and good passer.

Shareef is the son of future Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal, who was in the stands on Saturday at the Double Pump Best of Summer watching his son play.

"I've been training with my dad a lot since he's out here for a couple months," said Shareef. "I've just been training and hanging out with him.

"He's giving me a lot of post advice. He says everyone knows I'm an outside player and says now I need to work on my back to the basket game. He says I need to be quicker with my moves; that I take too long and I draw double teams. He also says to be stronger with the ball."

There are four schools recruiting the five-star prospect the hardest, he said.

"Colleges that are on me the most would be LSU because my dad and (Johnny Jones) have a really good relationship. He's probably the coach I talk to the most," O'Neal said. " Arizona has been texting me a lot and so have UCLA and USC."

O'Neal broke down what he likes about each of the programs that are most involved in his recruitment.

LSU: "I haven't gone on a visit to LSU yet but I plan on it whenever I can, hopefully next school year. I like the school a lot. I talked to Ben Simmons one time and he said he really liked it."

UCLA: "I've already gone on a visit there and the staff treated me like family. They're really nice people and I love the campus and program. I went to a lot of games last year and I like how they move the ball."

Arizona: "I haven't been on a visit there but I've talked to the coaches. I haven't seen them play before but I'm looking forward to seeing them play and finding out more about their program."

USC: "I've gone on a visit there and the staff was really nice to me. I think I've seen them play but not recently. I look forward to finding out more about that program too."

On Wednesday, O'Neal's Cal Supreme teammate, Tevian Jones, told Scout that the two are planning on being a package deal for college.

"Me and Shareef O'Neal are talking about going to the same school, either UCLA or Arizona. That's who I want to be recruited by and I'm getting recruited by UCLA right now," Jones said then.

"We both like how they play. We like their style of play and their staffs. We looked them up together and want to stick together."

On Saturday, O'Neal confirmed that the two plan to attend college together.

"He was at my house a couple days ago and we were talking about who is recruiting us," O'Neal said. "We both mentioned that Arizona and UCLA are and we talked about a package deal.

"I like playing with Tevian because he's a really good player and one of my favorite teammates I've played with. We've known each other for a long time and we're pretty serious about a package deal."


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