Summer Riser Thomas Sets Visits

Charles Thomas' first few days at Nike Camp turned plenty of heads. Now, his school list consists of five programs who would be delighted to sign him in November but two seem to out in front.

Charles Thomas played like a man on a mission at the 2003 Nike Camp. Previous to his ascension in the rankings, Thomas played a supporting role to Al Jefferson on the Jackson Tigers team.

Now, Oklahoma and Florida State have made him a priority recruit. Georgia, Arkansas and Penn State are doing their best to get in the game. Right now, the Sooners and Seminoles have the inside track.

Florida State gets the first crack at Thomas as they host him on Sept. 6. The Sooners are up next and they bat on Sept. 20. The other three programs are still in the process of setting up trips. "I want to use every last one of them," Thomas said. "It's a once in a lifetime opportunity and I don't want to miss it."

So, the summer of 2003 was a big for Thomas, just as he planned. "It was really important for me to get my name out there. I was in a rush to get out there and show them what I could do."

Mission accomplished. Thomas is likely to pop up in our pre-season Top 100 list somewhere in the Top 50.

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