Q&A with No. 6 Kevin Knox

NEW YORK -- Five-star forward Kevin Knox recently narrowed his list to 10 schools -- Alabama, Villanova, Florida State, Arizona, LSU, Duke, North Carolina, Miami, Kansas, Kentucky. At the Under Armour Elite 24 practice on Friday, Knox discussed his recruitment, head coaches he keeps up with and his development.

Evan Daniels: What did you think about your summer, playing with USA Basketball and being all over the place in July?
Kevin Knox: Everything went pretty well. It was a busy summer. I think I was hoem for a total of a week the whole summer. I was just on the move playing basketball and that’s what I loved to do and it was fun.

You emerged last year at USA Basketball, how do you think your game has progressed since then?
I just took what everyone said were my weaknesses and I just tried to work on that in the gym and tried to make that a strength. A lot of people said I needed to work on my ball handling and three-point shot and I think that’s gotten more consistent over the last year since USA. A lot of people have told me its gotten better and I’m just going to keep working at it.


What’s the next step in your development?
Just getting stronger. I talked to Josh [Jackson] a little bit and he said that one of the things he had to adjust is everybody in college is stronger. That’s something I’m going to take back to where I live and I’m going to get in the weight room and just get stronger.

Are you excited to play in this event?
Yeah. I’m battling a little bit of an ijury. I’m working on it and have been in physical therapy the past couple of weeks so hopefully tomorrow I’m good and ready to play.

How’s the recruiting process going?
It’s going really well. I’m talking to all the coaches. I plan on cutting it to five or six in the next month. I’m just talking to coaches and planning my visits and trying to see when the best time is for me to go. My dad is talking to them as well.

Which of the 10 schools on your list have you been to?
North Carolina, Duke Florida State and Miami (Fl)

Are there any schools that you know you’ll take officials to?
Not as of now. A lot of people think that I’m going to go here or go to Duke, but nothing is set right now. I could surprise a lot of people, but as of now I don’t have any official dates yet.

Are there any head coaches that you’ve developed a strong relationship with?
Oh yeah. A lot of head coaches call me and text me. There’s a lot. Like Duke, I’ve talked to coach K, while he’s at USA. I talked to Roy [Williams] a couple of days ago. There’s a lot. Basically every head coach has talked to me. It’s just going really good.

Are you thinking early or late period for your college decision?
I’m definitely not going to do early, so I’ll probably do late. Probably next year sometime. I’m going to wait and see where everyone is going. I want to take my time and take some visits and go from there.

Are you and the other players talking to each other much during this process in terms of where you all want to go?
There's a lot of people that say where they want to go and who they want to play with. I just focus on me and focus on other people that are getting recruited by the schools that I’m looking at. Just to see who I’m going to play with in college and who could be possible teammates in college.

A little off topic, but what did you think of Terrance Ferguson's move to go pro?
Emmanuel Mudiay started that last year with going to China. It’s probably going to be a trend, but he’s going to have to have a great year though, because he’s not going to college and a lot of NBA scouts won’t see him. That’s one of the big risks of going over there. But he’s really good and I feel like he’s going to be good.

Is that something you would consider?
No I wouldn’t go overseas.

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