Jaylen Hoard

Q&A with 5-star forward Jaylen Hoard

NEW YORK -- 2018 forward Jaylen Hoard emerged into Scout's 2018 top 10 after a strong showing at the FIBA u17 World Championships in Spain. A native of France, Hoard recently moved to the United States to attend High Point (N.C.) Wesleyan Christian Academy. Scout caught up with the five-star prospect at the Elite 24 media day on Friday.

Jaylen Hoard: How has the Elite 24 experience been for you thus far?
Evan Daniels: It’s been good. I’m happy to be here. Playing against these good players and it’s just been a good experience.

How’s the adjustment been, coming over to the United States?
It’s going well. Carolina, I love that state. Where I’m going to school at, everyone is like a big family. They’ve helped me during my transition.


We discussed this in Spain, but what was your reasoning for wanting to come to the U.S. for high school?
Just to keep me prepared for college and for more exposure and play in front of college coaches. Overall I wanted to come to the state because I thought it would be the best fit for me.

Obviously you’ve played against good players before, but how do you think you stack up with the players here?
The first day I was OK. I wasn’t at my best. Today I didn’t play that much, but in a short amount of time I think I was able to show a little bit of what I could do.

In your eyes, what are the best parts of your game?
Just making plays, whether that is dishing it out to my teammates or scoring the ball.

I know you’ve heard from quite a few schools at this point, how’s that whole process going?
It’s been going well. They don’t talk to me. They talk to my dad and my coach, so I don’t really know a lot of what’s going on.

Do you know some of the schools that have reached out?
Recently Texas TechTexas and Arizona

Any schools that you grew up liking?
I grew up liking DukeArizona and Kansas

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