Q&A with 2018 center Moses Brown

NEW YORK -- Moses Brown, who ranks among the top 50 players in the 2018 class, discussed his development and the latest in his recruitment with Scout at the Under Armour Elite 24 media day.

Moses Brown: How do you think you’ve played here?
Evan Daniels: It’s good. We are playing in front of NBA scouts and that’s the first chance I’ve got to do that so I have to come out here playing hard and I have to show people I’m from New York City and I’m 7-feet tall and I have to assert myself.

You went to the glass and were protecting the rim and you’ve gotten quite a bit better over the last, what do you attribute your development to?
It’s getting in the gym and it’s mentally preparing yourself. Every time you get in the gym you have to be more and more dominant because you might be playing in front of someone that has never seen you play before. You have to come out making a good first impression.

You mentioned the NBA guys, I’ve always wondered how much you players pay attention to that is that something you’re that aware of?
Definitely. Especially since there are a lot of eyes on you to perform. It’s a stage and you have to put on a show.

How do you think your game has progressed over the past six months?
I think I’m growing. I think I’m stronger. I think I’m staying healthy enough to just be out there and stay in the gym and just work as hard as I can and get on the floor and play as hard as I can.

You seem more confident on the court…
I am because when you continuously play good, it feels good. It feels like you’re just out there because you’re supposed to be out there, not just because someone told you to be out there.

Where do things stand recruiting wise right now?
Everything is good. It’s kind of slow right now. Coaches are calling and just checking up on me.

Who is prioritizing you right now?
MarylandArizonaFloridaLouisville and just about everyone that offered me.

Will you do any fall visits?
I’m not sure. I definitely have to do some before school starts.

Any schools you know you want to visit?
I don’t know yet. I need to talk to my father about it.

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