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A look at where the Indiana top targets finished being ranked in the Scout 100

The Scout 100 for the class of 2017 has been updated, and Indiana has targets all over the list. Here is a look at where the top targets of the Hoosiers finished in the most recent rankings update.

So far the Indiana Hoosiers only have one commitment, however they do have the irons in the fire with numerous top 100 prospects in the most recent rankings. Here is a look at why the Indiana targets ended up where they did following a very busy July evaluation period.

At this point the only commitment for Indiana is Al Durham. Durham is a solid combo guard, but not someone who got consideration for top 100 status. We moved Durham from point guard to shooting guard because at the end of the day he is a scorer who can handle, as opposed to the other way around. Durham is the type of kid who projects to potentially be a starter later in his college career, but not the impact type guy who would be seen in the top 100.

The top two priorities for a while for Indiana have been Kris Wilkes and Paul Scruggs. Wilkes fell from 17 to 18, but there was absolutely no change in his evaluation. He is still seen as a likely NBA small forward who has a good career at the highest level.

Scruggs went up a few spots from No. 37 to No. 31. Within the top 40, going up six spots is actually a fairly sizable jump. Scruggs showed a better feel for the game throughout July, and limited his turnovers more. He is moving to being a true combo guard as opposed to a shooting guard, and that has put him right on the cusp of five-star status.

Two other top priorities who made some notable moves up were Tremont Waters and Jermaine Samuels. Waters moved up from No. 41 to No. 35 while Samuels made a huge jump from No. 60 to No. 43.

Waters moved up on the strength of his improved shooting and decision making. Though he is limited by his size and not being a tremendous athlete, he does everything skill wise that you could want. Samuels was one of the best players throughout July. He showed an elite motor, and improved shooting ability, and a better ability to get to the rim, which led to the sizable jump.

While several Indiana prospects moved up, a few others dropped from the rankings. Notable in that would be Luka Garza and Deng Gak. Both Garza and Gak were dropped from four-star to three-star.

With Garza there is no question that he can shoot, both from three and inside, but he is very limited as an athlete and on defense. Questions remain about how well he will be able to score over athleticism in college, and with the proliferation of ball screens, his lack of ability to move laterally makes him a liability on the defensive end. Because of that we felt it was more appropriate to have him outside the top 100 as opposed to a four-star inside of it.

For Gak it was a case of simply not matching the production he showed during the high school season. He has the requisite size and athleticism, but he simply didn’t get enough done throughout the spring and summer to justify him being included in the current top 100.

Two other big movers were Nick Richards and Jordan Tucker. Richards went from No. 31 to No. 17 and gained five-star status while Tucker fell from No. 59 to No. 79.

With Richards he was more productive than ever during July, and even into August. He showed a more consistent motor and his hands looked improved as the summer went on. When it comes to Tucker, there is no doubt that he can shoot, but the concern is how will he do other things. He didn’t show an ability to impact the game by creating, passing, or rebounding, and that limited his overall potential.

Clearly Indiana is involved with a host of prospects, many who had a lot of movement in the rankings, some of which had very little. The Hoosiers will continue to build what they hope is a large and star studded class that could number as many as five prospects.

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