A look at where Xavier's commitments and top targets rank in the updated Scout Top 100

Xavier is already off to a fast start in the 2017 class with a trio of commitments. Here is a look at where they, as well as the Musketeers' top targets, are ranked in the most recent Scout Top 100.

The Xavier Musketeers are hoping for maybe the best class in school history with their 2017 haul, and already they are off to a good start with three commitments. Beyond that, Xavier has several players who made moves within the most recent rankings.

For Xavier the highest rated of their three commitments is Naji Marshall. Marshall is also one who made a fairly solid move in the most recent rankings. Marshall moved from No. 51 to No. 39, and at that level of the rankings a move of 12 spots up is notable.


With Marshall it came down to him being nearly dominant at times during the month of July. Marshall is one of the best passers in the class and also has a ton of versatility on the offensive and defensive end. He can get into the lane very well, and also his shot making improved, though he still has a long way to go there.

The second highest rated prospect is Elias Harden. He fell out of the rankings from No. 96 in the most recent edition. In reality though he only fell between about five and seven spots, and when are you talking the back end of the top 100 that is no real drop at all.

Harden is still a very good shooter with solid length and athleticism. He at times struggled during July, and the feeling was a few other kids played their way into the top 100, but the evaluation remains largely the same with Harden.

The third commitment for the Musketeers is Jared Ridder. Like in the last batch of rankings, Ridder wasn’t discussed for the top 100 and remained a three-star prospect. The biggest change is he was moved from small forward to power forward. It is likely that Ridder is used as a stretch power forward at the college level where his shooting is magnified and lack of explosive athleticism is mitigated.

Within the rankings clearly the top two prospects for the Musketeers are Kris Wilkes and Paul Scruggs.

Wilkes fell from 17 to 18, but there was absolutely no change in his evaluation. He is still seen as a likely NBA small forward who has a good career at the highest level.

Scruggs went up a few spots from No. 37 to No. 31. Within the top 40, going up six spots is actually a fairly sizable jump. Scruggs showed a better feel for the game throughout July, and limited his turnovers more. He is moving to being a true combo guard as opposed to a shooting guard, and that has put him right on the cusp of five-star status.

Also of note Justin Smith fell from No. 79 to No. 91. Smith is a high level athlete, but still lacks a defined skill set. While his evaluation remained largely the same, a few others passed Smith bumping him down some spots.

Xavier is hoping to get their class up to as many as six prospects. With at least half of those scholarships filled, the Musketeers are hoping a few of their highly rated targets to complete the rest of their class.

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