Gay Struggling With Process

It's not an easy process for Rudy Gay. Cutting his list down has been tougher than originally anticipated.

Rudy Gay had a great July. However, if you talked to him, you'd think he's had a tough August. His struggles have nothing to do with basketball on the court. It's the business of recruiting that's taking its toll on him.

"I've tried to cut [the list] down. I'm making progress but it's really tough."

Gay didn't even want so much as to name a list at the risk of leaving someone off. From our previous reports, we know Connecticut, Syracuse, Maryland, St. John's, Kentucky, Arizona and Villanova are somewhere in the mix. The college basketball chatter behind the scenes has UConn, Syracuse and Maryland making good strides.

Still, to talk to Rudy Gay, you would think he's really struggling to narrow down his field. "There's so many good schools that it's really tough trying to pick one. All of them have good tradition and everything."

"I'm just waiting for the home visits and then after that I'll probably make my five."

The Cecil Kirk standout just needs time. "When school starts, I want to be comfortable during school. I'm not trying to wait and I'm trying to do it as quick as I can but it's been tough this summer."

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