Big East School Leads

New Hampshire isn't exactly a hot spot for college hoops prospects, but the Bonner Family cranks out its share of signees. The latest standout is center Luke Bonner.

Like his sister who played at Stanford and his brother who hooped at Florida, Luke Bonner is headed for big time college basketball. The standout big man with the Granite State Raiders knows his way around the block because of the success his family has achieved in the game.

So far, Bonner has been able to deftly handle the strains of recruiting because of the experiences of his siblings.

"I suppose because I had a previous knowledge of the people around the business [it's been easier]," Bonner said. "It probably helped to narrow it down. My connections and friends that we've made kept it easy to access information."

And Bonner is wasting little time. He's set up a visit, has a leader and could be poised to move quickly.

"It's pretty much West Virginia," Bonner said. "I haven't committed but its pretty much West Virginia or maybe Rutgers or Rhode Island."

And what did WVU do to make such a big move so quickly? "Coach Beilein and the whole coaching staff showed the most interest throughout the summer. They've been to all my games and their easy to talk to on the phone. I haven't heard one person with something bad to say about them. I've heard the campus is beautiful there and it's the Big East."

Bonner said he's not sure if/when a commitment could come but the Mountaineers are in his home either the 8th or 9th of September.


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