Robinson Will Likely Wait

DeAndre Robinson, a 6-4 shooting guard from Riverside (Calif.), has a number of schools showing interest in him, but he says he might not sign until the spring...

DeAndre Robinson, 6-4 SR SG Riverside (Calif.) King, told us yesterday that he's receiving phone calls from Stanford, Princeton, Santa Clara, Northridge, UC Irvine, Boise St., Cornell, Yale and Columbia.

When we asked if any school stands out from the group, Robinson said, "Stanford -- they would be the one school that, if they offer, I'd probably sign with in the fall. Otherwise, I think I'll wait until the spring. They told me that if I get my SAT score up, then they will pick up their recruitment."

Robinson told us previously that he scored a 980 on the SAT, but has a GPA of 4.1 He will take the SAT again in October.

Cornell and Yale have made plans to come see Robinson at his high school. Cornell will be in on Sept. 9th and Yale is still arranging a date.

We asked Robinson if he has any schools that he's pretty sure he'll visit and he replied, "probably Princeton and Stanford."

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