Diogu's Last Visit Up For Grabs

Big man Ike Diogu is going to take all five of his official campus visits. So far, he's been to Seton Hall and Arizona State. He has two other trips scheduled and there's a good little three-way tussle to try and get his final official visit.

Battle For Visit No. 5

Garland (TX) High's Ike Diogu was supposed to visit Alabama last weekend, but due to the terrorist attacks, that visit did not take place. It has been rescheduled for the weekend of Sept. 29. Diogu also has a visit in place with Illinois the weekend of Oct. 12.

The big fella already tripped to Seton Hall and Arizona State. He intends to take all five of his official visits, but right now, there are three schools vying for the final slot. "I'm still trying to get my fifth visit," Diogu said.. "It's between UConn, Kansas and Georgetown. All are coming in for in-homes this week."

The Hoyas will be in his home Sept. 19, followed by UConn (20) and Kansas (21). Depending on how each visit goes, Diogu will then select one school to visit officially so each in-home is very important.

Previously, Diogu hinted that Arizona State was the leader and that really hasn't changed much. "I'd say they are the leader right now with Seton Hall."

Last Tuesday was supposed to be an enjoyable day for Ike, but like the rest of the country he was forced to deal with the acts of terrorism. "It has been pretty hard. It's crazy. Tuesday was my birthday and it just didn't feel right."

Despite the terrorists attacks on U.S. airplanes, Diogu will continue to fly to his visits. "There's that little uncertainty, but you just have to go with it. There's always that little piece of you that's scared just like everybody else."

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