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Jaren Jackson is thrilled to know he is headed to Michigan State

Five-star forward Jaren Jackson talks about his Michigan State decision and what he is looking forward to as a senior.

When it was coming down the stretch in the decision making process for five-star prospect Jaren Jackson there wasn’t a great consensus on where he was headed. Jackson kept his decision fairly close to the vest until the end when Michigan State won out.

For Jackson having his college decision behind him is a big thing, and he is thrilled to know he is headed to East Lansing for college.

“It is great to know where I am going,” said Jackson. “It was a long road and to be able to settle down and just know where I’m going to go is great. It is very refreshing and I am ready to focus on my game.”

For Jackson it wasn’t an easy decision to go with Michigan State, and a lot when into his thought process.

“They were really intense with thought,” said Jackson. “I wanted to make the right choice. If I told you that I was set on MSU from the beginning I would be lying. It was definitely back and forth, but at the end I felt MSU was the place for me.”

He continued, “It is just the culture at the school, and having a Hall of Fame Coach like Tom Izzo it brings things to another level. Also I love the culture of family that the players have is amazing.”

For now Jackson is at La Lumiere and is thrilled to be playing his senior season on a big stage.

“Man it is great to be here,” said Jackson. “The coaches are great and we have one of the best teams in the nation. I am just excited to get better and play against great competition not only in games, but every day in practice.”

After a subpar junior season, Jackson exploded during the spring and summer on the AAU circuit, and now he is ready to follow that up with a huge performance as a senior at La Lumiere.

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