Collin Sexton

Q&A with five-star point guard Collin Sexton

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- Five-star point guard Collin Sexton has taken four official visit. At the USA Basketball mini-camp, Sexton broke down all four schools and discussed his timeline for making his college decision.

Last time you were at USA Basketball you were competing for a spot, now you’re the big dog on campus. How is the mini-camp a different experience for you?
It’s big just because the younger guys look up to me and me coaching them, that’s big. It was my first year coming and it was the summer time and there were people my age coaching me up. So I just thought it was great.

While there are a bunch of young kids here, you still have some big match ups and ther’s an opportunity to earn your way on to the Hoop Summit team. Do you feel like you still have something to prove?
Every time you go out there you should have something to prove. That’s what I play like. I don’t want to take any plays off. I just want to compete. A year ago nobody knew who I was, so I had to work my way. Now people know who I am and I’m going to continue to work.

How have things changed from going under the radar to one of the best players in the country?
It’s changed great. I talk to a lot of new people like players and I’ve done a lot of interview. Before I would do a few here and there, it’s just so changed.

How’s the recruiting process going for you?
It’s going pretty good. I’ll be making my decision in November so I can play my senior season so I don’t have to worry about coaches and calling them back, so I can play relaxed.

You were at Kansas last week, how was that?
It was great. I thought it was a great environment. I believe that those players up there believe in coach Self and they trust him. They talked to me about how their experiences were with him and their 12 consecutive Big 12 championships.

What has Bill Self’s pitch been to you?
He likes playing guards, two or three guards. He said me and Malik [Newman] in the backcourt would be dominate.

Before that you went to Alabama, how was that?
It was pretty good. I had been up there two times before, I just got more accumulated with the players and got to see practice and I got to hang out with the guys. I believe and coach Avery showed me what he could help me with. He showed me some good stuff I do, but his thing is he can always help to improve me. I don’t want to go to a school where they always ‘oh good job you’re doing this good.’ No I want you to tell me stuff that I’m doing bad so I can get better.

Alabama just got a couple of commitments, have those guys hit you up since?
Yeah Alex Reese and Herb Jones. They called me right before they committed and said they were going to Alabama.

How was your official visit to NC State?
It was great. I went up there on Labor Day so I didn’t get to interact with the players because they were back home. So I might be going back up there for an unofficial so I can talk to them.

They had Cat Barber last year and now Dennis Smith, who is expected to be one-and-done this year, is there pitch to you to be the next guy?
Yeah they know Dennis is going to the league so they want me to come in and step in his shoes so I can get the thing rolling and continue to build their program.

How was your trip to Oklahoma State?
It was pretty good. It’s their first year there so they were just showing me stuff they can help me with during transition. I watched practice and they were running and that’s what I like. That’s my style.

What did you learn about Oklahoma State on that trip?
That they’ve coached some pretty good players. I didn’t know that they had coached some high level players.

After those four schools, is anyone else still involved?
Georgia and Georgia Tech. I’ve already been up to Georgia Tech twice because they are like 15 minutes from my house and I’ve been to Georgia once already.

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