Jarred Vanderbilt

Q&A with five-star forward Jarred Vanderbilt

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- Five-star power forward Jarred Vanderbilt is gearing up to take official visits. Vanderbilt broke down the latest in his recruitment at the USA Basketball mini-camp.

How is the recruiting process going?
It’s going well, I’m actually thinking about narrowing my lists and take my visits next week hopefully. I want to say 3 out of the 5 [visits] are confirmed so I’m waiting on the other two before I let them out.

What has North Carolina's pitch been to you?
[Roy Williams said] it’s just positionless basketball. He really stressed not putting me in a box me being able to play all around the floor and that really stood out as well as their style of transition - you know I like to get up and down. They’re not really a slow offense team, they like to get up and down in transition and get buckets… Actually, his pitch was they never tell anybody to come they just said guys who take their visits love it so much they wanted to come back. Like he obviously knows I’m potentially a one and done and he’s going to push for that as well to help me get there. But if it’s right and I’m not a one and done and have to come back another year then so be it.”


What’s your thoughts on Carolina .... What do you like about them?
“They have a lot of history. Seem like they have a good brotherhood and camaraderie so it’s like once you’re in there you’re like instilled almost forever with their family atmosphere. I like their whole atmosphere and approach, Coach Williams and Coach Davis their approach.

Who are the other two visits?
The schools I’m probably going to visit are Arizona, TexasKentucky, North Carolina, and I haven’t decided the fifth one yet. It’s probably going to be between Oregon or Kansas.”

Do you feel like anybody has recruited you harder or is there a coach that you’ve developed a better relationship with?
I’d probably have to say Sean, coach Sean Miller. He’s really kept in contact with me for the last couple years He’s came down to visit a lot and he’s kept in contact with my parents as well so I’d probably say he’s the main one.”

They have DeAndre Ayton already, does it make it more appealing to go there knowing there’s another elite player going there?
“Absolutely. Already having the big and then just being like a wing guy and having a point guard is a championship caliber team. That’s a great option as well. But yeah it does play a big role by picking him up, that’s a great pick up.”

Do you want to decide early? Late? Have you thought about it?
“I won’t commit during that first signing period because I don’t even think I’ll have all my visits done by then,” he said. “I’m not signing during the first (signing) period but I’m going to commit hopefully by December, with my range being December-early January because I don’t want to drag it out.”

You mentioned visiting Kentucky, what sticks out about them to you?
Just their production. They kind magnify it differently from other schools, in my opinion. They’re held to a higher degree. They seem like they do a real good job of teaching how to be a pro on the court and off the court. And it’s just a feeling cause almost every year 4,5, or 6 dudes go to the league and in high school that’s your goal.

Not that he’ll be there but has (former AAU teammate) De'Aaron Fox recruited you?
Oh yeah absolutely. He throws it in there and [Malik] Monk at times. You know they really throw it in there trying to push me to go there. Hopefully those guys are out.

You mentioned Texas, what’s the draw with them?
Texas is definitely up there its not the fact if I want to stay home or not it’s just really wherever the great fit is. But they picked up a good recruiting class and they pretty much just stepped it up, turned up the notch with recruiting and their style of play and everything. You know, Shaka really king of turned it around a little bit. They’re also a great option as well. I wouldn’t say go there because I want to stay at home, but if it’s a good fit for me then I would.

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