Lonnie Walker

Q&A with five-star wing Lonnie Walker

COLORADO SPRINGS -- Five-star wing Lonnie Walker is in the midst of an intense recruitment. Walker discussed his first official to Miami, plus his upcoming trips and what he likes about the schools left on his list.

Lonnie WalkerHow did you think you played out here?

Evan Daniels: I’m playing a lot better than the last time I was here, by far. I’m much stronger, I’ve been in the weight room, and I’ve gained about 10 pounds. My shooting has been a lot better, my confidence, my mentality, so everything has just improved itself so overall this past weekend I think I have been playing really well.

What has led to your improved confidence as a player?
Me personally, me doing two-a-days during school days, you know working at 5am, then after school lifting then working out again, I just feel like I work harder than anyone else. Then, no offense to anyone else, but I feel like as hard as I’m working; I’m doing hot yoga, I’m doing all this extra stuff, hard work sooner or later has to pay off.


How is the recruiting process going?
Everything’s great. I took my first official visit to Miami last week. The rest of the visits are basically back-to-back-to-back so hopefully get them out of the way in October, hopefully decide in November, but if that don’t happen then just be patient and see when I can decide.

How was the visit to Miami (Fl)?
“Oh it was beautiful down there. I mesh with the players really well, the assistant coaches I meshed with. It was a good fit, everything about it. It’s a private school on top of that. I fit in academically. There’s a lot of factors about it.

So Arizona is next weekend, what sticks out about them to you?
Their history and the national championship he’s hungry for and he’s only selecting a group of people he believes in that can fit his program and get him that championship. Because, I can see it in his eyes, I can see it in the way he talks, he wants it badly. So I can honestly believe he’ll push me so much more harder, lifting and working to be a better guard, and on top of that the environment, it’s beautiful, even though it’s hot there’s no humidity. The last time I was there it was very nice. .

What are the other visits have you set up?
Going to Arizona. The week after that, Kentucky, then Villanova, then Syracuse.

What sticks out about Kentucky?
Basically just what he produces. He produces NBA players. Being a NBA player is not really on my mind really. You know him, it’s good he doesn’t cut around the bush. You know, he lets you know what it is, where you stand, what he wants you to do, and what he believes you can do. So going there, you know, I feel like he can bring out something special in me, maybe a different line that I didn’t know of and if I was to go there maybe, hopefully get to the pros, everyone’s dream, and Kentucky can do that.

Villanova…What sticks out about them? And how’s your relationship with those guys?
Just the fact that they’ve been here for like four years. They’re one of the first schools to offer me, recruiting me the hardest, saying I’m a priority, and they’re still recruiting me one the hardest out of all the schools, still saying I’m a priority so that means a lot. And then, more so, even when they call its even about basketball anymore it’s just building a bond, ‘How’s your day going? How’s your family? And this, that and the third.’ So, it’s actually a lot different compared to all the other college coaches.

Is there a draw with them to stay home?
“That’s not even a factor. Not at all. First I think, is always like I want my grand mom to be able to be hopefully at least one of my games. You know, she’s getting a little bit older so that’s been one of my dreams being able to talk to all the schools if they can make it happen.”

What about Syracuse?
Just a great background. They bring out great guards. You got Malachi Richardson, you got one of the great assistant guard coaches in Gerry McNamara and he can make me a way better shooting guard, handling wise, my IQ, my overall game he can bring that out.

So you would like to get it done in October?
Take all my officials in October and get it done in November before the season starts. But not rushing it.

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