Offer For Pomare

Gyno Pomare tells us he has an offer from a WCC school and interest from several others...

Gyno Pomare, 6-7 SR PF Oceanside (Calif.) El Camino, told us yesterday that he has received a scholarship offer from San Diego.

"San Diego has offered and Portland said they might be offering," said Pomare.

In addition to those schools, Pomare said he's been hearing from Hawaii, St. Bonaventure, Colgate, Riverside, Irvine and Fullerton.

San Diego and Riverside have indicated they'll come in for home visits next month, while Portland might visit as well.

We asked Pomare if there are any schools he's sure he'd like to visit and he replied, "Hawaii, San Diego, Portland and Colgate."

Pomare said location is not an issue. "I have no problem going away," said Pomare. "I do kind of prefer warm weather, but that won't be a big deal."

Pomare said he intends to sign in November.

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