Horford Getting His List Together

Al Horford is back from vacation and is getting down to the business of finalizing his list. Look for the big man to start visiting schools in October.

Normally, September is the big visit month for prospects. That's when schools begins and the colleges start rolling out their finest red carpets for today's recruits.

Well, Al Horford won't be strolling down any red carpets next month. The son of a former NBA player is starting to get his list together, but he can't visit schools until October.

"Everything is going pretty good I think," Horford said. "The only problem is that I haven't taken my SAT or ACT. I'll be taking my ACT the 27th of September and the SAT Oct. 11. After that I have a visit set up with Kansas for Midnight Madness."

NCAA rules prohibit prospects from visiting member institutions unless they've at least taken one of the standardized tests.

Horford said that he'll visit Florida and Kansas for sure and likes Michigan, Michigan State, Xavier, Georgia and Ohio State.

"I think I might visit two [or] three schools but if I have to I'll visit all five." Does that mean he could pick from just the Gators and Jayhawks? "I'll see how the whole recruiting goes. If I feel like I'm ready to commit somewhere then I think I won't need any more visits. If I feel I need to lookout then I'll take some more."

Florida has a firm scholarship offer on the table for him but Horford said that Kansas has not made their offer official but Horford said that could happen during the home visit.

And just how would a school lock him into an official visit and move to the "A" list? "I've been talking to some of them schools for a while. I just want to get to know the coaches and the staff and the program better. They've been talking to me but I just want to kind of learn more about them." That means schools have a chance to lure him onto their campus with a strong home visit.

"I'll still take some other visits. I'm just not positive where I'll take them."

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