Sleeper of the Year Candidate

Imagine a player who has never participated in a varsity game before but has major Division I scholarship offers. Must be European right? Wrong. He's 6-9, from Texas and has already visited one Big East school. He might be the sleeper of the year.

"When Sean Williams first walked into our practice he stumbled coming down the stairs. He kept improving real fast. He was always a shot blocker because of the height. Offensively, he's still got to come around. He couldn't even catch the ball at all at first. Nobody wanted him."

That was Dallas Mustangs coach Tony Johnson on Mansfield (TX) High power forward Sean Williams.

Johnson, who coaches one of the more successful 16-and-under programs in the country, essentially took a flier on Williams. The 6-9, 220 pound forward had never played high school basketball. He transferred from Kennerdale High last year to Mansfield without ever having played in a single varsity game. Not a second.

Folks, Sean Williams, the young man who has yet to play in a high school game (and that can never be overemphasized), has offers from four high-major programs and a fifth could be on the way. He might be the biggest sleeper in the entire country.

How did this happen you ask? Great question.

Williams never felt the urge to play as a youth. He went to an open gym at Kennerdale and found himself liking the sport. "Not being able to play varsity basketball is real rare," Williams said. "My mom never really cared about me playing basketball. I never really cared."

But the sleeper cared about academics. He's got over a 3.0 and has already posted better than 1,200 on the SAT. "At first I wasn't that interested [in hoops]. People just brought me into basketball and told me I need to play."

So far, he's got size and you know grades aren't a problem. So he hasn't played in a varsity game, so what? He's a late bloomer, right?

You bet he is. Williams won't turn 17 until September 13. He could be a junior. He should be a junior. He's much younger than most of the kids in the current senior class.

My first – and only – look at him was at the Kingwood Classic. After watching him with the Dallas Mustangs play one game, he was given a rating of high-major-minus. It was easy to like his size and shot blocking but something was missing. As it turns out nothing was missing, this is a young kid who has been playing for less than a year and has all kinds of potential.

Like most of the college coaches in the stands, I had no idea what I was looking at. Sean Williams is no regular senior, not when you factor in his age and lack of development due to his inexperience with the game; he's a potential Top 100 prospect given these factors.

On August 27, Williams visits Oklahoma unofficially. The Sooners have already offered. So has Boston College, Texas, Texas A&M and Texas Tech. Arizona wants him to go to prep school for a year and then they'll offer. DePaul is another school that could be in the hunt for an official visit.

On Sept. 13, Daniel Gibson and Dion Dowell visit Texas. Guess who will be there too? That's right, Williams visits the Longhorns in the middle of the month. At the end of the month – Sept. 27 – he visits Texas Tech.

Amazing, a prospect that has yet to scratch in a varsity basketball game is not only making visits, but he's got offers from some heavy hitters.

Rare is the college prospect that is so under the radar that recruiters are even hesitant to mention his name but that's Williams. Rare is the high schooler with big time offers that has never scored a varsity bucket. He's three months from his first field goal.

"I can't wait."

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