Here are five prospects outside of the top 100 who could surprise from the 2017 class

Not every prospect who makes a big impact in college basketball is a four or five-star player. Here is a look at five players outside that range who could surprise before their time in college is done.

A lot of the focus when it comes to signings are on guys who rank as the elite, or at least top 100 prospects. What gets lost is that there are three star prospects who are more than capable of having big time impacts.

Here are a look at five players not rated as four or five-star prospects that really could emerge as stars during their college career.

Vanderbilt was able to go into the state of Texas and nab a good athlete who can really score the basketball in Maxwell Evans. While Evans is capable of handling some point guard duties, he is definitely at his best as a scorer who is looking to attack.

Though he is slightly undersized to play off the ball, Evans can shoot it from deep, is tough, and is a good athlete. That combination allowed him to be one of the best players in the Under Armour Association over the summer.

He isn’t someone who generated all the headlines, and he might not be a future NBA star, but this is a kid who has the look of a scorer who comes in right away and plays a key role at Vanderbilt.

Emerging late in the summer, not every school got a great look at Jamarko Pickett, but the Washington D.C. area product showed a tremendous amount of upside for a forward.

Pickett is a 6-foot-7 combo forward who can stretch the floor with his ability to shoot, has a solid handle, and is a pretty good athlete.

While Pickett is no doubt raw and needs to add strength, the flashes are there to show that he can emerge as someone later in his career who makes a huge jump. In fact, it wouldn’t be a shock to see Pickett finish as an all-league caliber player before it is all said and done.

Some patience will likely be needed here, but Ole Miss found one in Pickett, and it could pay big dividends down the road.

Following a big time sophomore season Kobe King had a tremendous spring. That spring led to numerous offers and a lot of buzz about his ultimate potential. Since then things have been derailed some by injury and fatigue, though King still has his moments.

At about 6-foot-4 he has good size for a combo guard and a very nice looking shooting stroke. Also King has the ability to put the ball on the deck and get to the mid-range, while also finishing with solid athleticism.

King needs to prove he can stay healthy, but if he does he is the classic player that really blossoms at Wisconsin and has a chance to out produce his current rating.

Bigs are always so hard to find and have a tendency to develop late. One player who could be hitting his potential at the right time is Josh Carlton. The big man from DeMatha Catholic has never had a huge role on either his high school or AAU team, but he has shown some good signs of improvement recently.

Carlton is big, mobile, and is showing more and more skill on the offensive end each month that goes by. He does nothing that totally stands out, but he does everything fairly well.

That combination of solid skill with a big body and room to improve has some thinking that Carlton will thrive and eventually be a very good starter in the Connecticut program, and someone who could attract significant potential maybe not in the NBA, but to have a long career playing basketball for good money.

This is the toughest kid to project because there is so little information available about Clifton Moore. He played for a very under the radar AAU program and isn’t at one of the power schools in the Philadelphia area.

Because of that in person viewings of Moore are almost non-existent. Still the clips available on line show a kid with good length, solid athleticism, and an extremely high skill level.

Also reports from around the Philadelphia area insist that Moore is the real deal, and not the product of looking good against inferior competition.

There remains a lot to learn about Moore, but there is also a good chance he is someone who leaves people wondering “where did he come from” before his time at Indiana has passed.

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