Toney Set To Begin Visits

The visitation process begins for Georgia Stars shooting guard Channing Toney. His first two visits keep him in SEC land.

Channing Toney, a Top 100 prospect who runs with the Georgia Stars, has narrowed his list to four schools. The fairly diverse list spans both coasts.

Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina State and Gonzaga made the final cut for the son of the "Boston Strangler", Andrew Toney.

This weekend, Toney will visit Buzz Peterson's Tennessee Volunteers program. On Sept. 6, he'll trip to Georgia and the Bulldogs are in a leadership position.

"Kind of right now [I have a leader], Georgia is that school. It's just the fact that it's a real good situation. I really haven't met and talked with any other colleges like I have with Georgia. I liked Georgia even before coach Felton came into the picture. Then he got the job and I liked them even more."

Toney, prior to this spring, was an under the radar guy and there's a reason why. "My freshman year, Berkmar was No. 1 and we beat the good Berkmar team that won the state. The coach got me the varsity experience as a freshman and my sophomore year we had Robbie Bostain who went to Furman and I learned a lot from him. It wasn't my time to shine. This year, it was a young team and I was an experienced varsity player."

And Toney made the most of his chances. Known for his long-range shooting ability, his gift fits in at just about any program in the country. He says that he's as ready to go away from home as he would be comfortable playing in Georgia.

"[The distance] is really not that important to me. It's just playing in the best situation for me and my family and me as a student-athlete."

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