"Big Baby" Has Big Day

"Big Baby" did it. As expected, he committed to LSU on Thursday and with football in the rear view mirror, he's poised to sign a basketball grant with the Tigers.

Glen Davis, one of high school basketball's top personalities, tried to inject some drama into his college announcement but despite some honorable efforts, he did as expected and picked the hometown LSU Tigers.

Davis, the MVP of the 2003 adidas Texas Classic, has officially cast his lot with basketball. Despite what many feel could be a promising career on the gridiron, it's the hardwood that tugs at his heart strings.

"My heart is on the court," Davis said in April.

"I don't think he cares for the sport," Ari Fisher, his high school coach said. "That's what comes out of his mouth. He loves basketball. He sees himself as a basketball player. He only plays football a couple months out of the year."

And he's pretty good at it. Right now, Davis simply overpowers kids and you know what, his peers love him for it. It's almost like he's the gentle giant of high school hoops. If "Big Baby" scored over – or in many cases through – you, it was almost as if kids were waiting for his gentle tap on the rear or a nod of approval from him to let you know he enjoyed scoring over you.

Davis is intense and plays to win, but rather than using a powerful stare and finger waggle like Mutombo, Davis would give you the aw-shucks "I'm just doing my job routine." 30 points and 15 rebounds later, he would be the only guy still smiling.

Make no mistake about it, "Big Baby" gets things done on the court but instead of swagger, attitude and trash talk, he kills ‘em with kindness. "He's very humble and he gets that from his mother," Fisher said.

College basketball gains a lovable big man who competes at least twice a week. College football loses a loveable lineman who some thought could alter outcomes on Saturdays.

Good things are happening on the LSU front. A top-five recruiting class last year, now Davis and what do you know? Potentially the top-ranked high schooler in the nation from the Class of 2005, Tasmin Mitchell, resides in Louisiana.

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