Leunen Lines Up Visits

Maarty Leunen has narrowed his list to four West Coast schools. He'll visit each school next month and then make his decision...

We spoke with Maarty Leunen, 6-8 SR PF Redmond (Ore.) High, yesterday and he told us that he's narrowed his list to four schools.

"UCLA, Oregon, Oregon State and Gonzaga," said Leunen.

UCLA gets the first official visit from Leunen on September 12th.

Gonzaga will host Leunen the following weekend on September 19th.

Leunen will then take a mid-week visit to Oregon a couple days later on September 23rd.

The final official visit will be to Oregon State on September 26th.

We asked Leunen if he thought he'd have a decision shortly after the final visit and he replied, "Yeah, probably in the week after that visit."

Leunen said each of the finalists has offered a scholarship.

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