Elijah Weaver

Q&A with No. 38 Elijah Weaver

ATLANTA -- What's the latest on 2018 guard Elijah Weaver? After his strong showing at the Holiday Hoopsgiving event over the weekend, Elijah Weaver went one-on-one with Scout to discuss the latest in his game and recruitment.

Evan Daniels: You seems to play at such a pretty good pace, where does that come from?

Elijah Weaver: Just making sure I control the game, making sure I don’t get out of control, making sure that I don’t get off beat, just to control the game and make sure nothing gets out of control.

It appears you have a pretty good feel of when to distribute, when to score, is this something that you worked on?
Yeah, right, when to make the right pass and when to score being selfish because at first I was being a little too passive, I wasn’t getting my own points, so when I figured it out I kind of know when to make the right passes.


What do you think are the best parts of your game?
Just controlling the game, my pace, my change of pace.

Anything you want to get better at?
My jumpshot.

Recruiting wise, how’s that process going?
Everybody is showing me love. Nova, LouisvilleNotre DameWake ForestMiami (Fl)FloridaFlorida State. Lot of schools showing me love.

I know you went to Nova pretty recently, how was that visit?
I enjoyed myself. Coach [Jay] Wright, coach [Baker] Dunleavy, all those guys, showed me a good time and I would love to go back.

What sticks out about that program?
Just the coaching staff, how it feels like a family there. Family tradition.

You taken any other visits?
I went to Louisville before I went to Nova and I enjoyed myself there as well.

How was that?
[Rick] Pitino is a great guy. I enjoyed myself there too.

Anything stick out about them?
The guys, I like being around the guys. The chemistry is great, truly like being around them you feel like you’re at home.

Have all those schools you mentioned offered?
Yes sir.

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