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Top unsigned Indiana 2017 prospect Zach Gunn showed improvement to start his senior year

Hamilton Southeastern forward Zach Gunn is one of the best unsigned players in the 2017 class in the state of Indiana.. He has shown improvement to start his senior year, now the question is can he be a high-major player.

One of the top remaining unsigned players in the 2017 class in the state of Indiana is Zach Gunn. Playing at Hamilton Southeastern, Gunn is someone who will be seen quite a bit as a senior given the challenging schedule they play, and the fact that players in the spring tend to be under heavy scrutiny as coaches look to fill last minute openings.

At nearly 6-foot-6, Gunn is a forward, and likely an undersized stretch power forward. He is known as an excellent shooter, and someone who has been tremendously productive throughout his high school career.


When looking at the things a high-major program could potentially see in Gunn, he first and foremost can stretch the floor. During the regular season of Under Armour play this summer he shot 40 percent from distance, and showed a nice and consistent shooting stroke.

Combining that shooting stroke with his size, and the crafty ability that he has to rebound the basketball, a high-major coach could see him as a specialty role player who stretches the floor off the bench.

On top of that, Gunn now looks to be in the best shape of his high school career. In a recent win over Avon, Gunn looked slimmed down and stronger from the summer, and also showed a bit more explosion than ever seen from him in the past. In fact at one point he took a pass, and off vertical dunked the ball home with relative ease.

While a dunk is typically not something that a scout really even takes note of, it is a sign of change for Gunn. In the past he would have had to lay the ball up because he didn’t have the requisite explosion and athleticism to finish with a dunk, and it shows the improved physique has led to an improvement in one of his biggest weakness areas.

Gunn clearly showed improvement in several areas from the summer, but right now there are still numerous question marks.

First of all Gunn has a bit of a slow release on his shot, so that is concerning to some. Also while his athleticism has improved, he has a long way to go especially when it comes to lateral movement.

Offensively at this point Gunn is also someone who projects solely to be a spot up shooter. He doesn’t have enough game off the bounce to really be a factor there, and while he is a good high school rebounder, that likely will translate much better on the defensive end than on offense where he’d have to grab rebounds out of his area.

Right now Indiana and Ball State are the two schools showing the most consistent attention to Gunn, and he probably couldn’t pull the trigger for the Hoosiers at the moment if he wanted to. Indiana will continue to monitor him as the season rolls on, and will likely make a decision on an offer as it gets closer to the spring.

At the moment Gunn still doesn’t grade out as a high-major player, but he is making improvements, and the right day when he is making shots, it isn’t out of the realm of possibility that a college coach will pull the trigger and offer him a scholarship at that level.

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