Myles Dread

Penn State commit Myles Dread plays well at Gonzaga DC Classic

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Penn State commit Myles Dread had a strong showing on the first day of the Gonzaga DC Classic. Following his 14-point outing the 6-foot-4 wing goes one-on-one with Scout.

Gonzaga knocked off Archbishop Wood in the opening round of the Gonzaga DC Classic behind a strong effort from Penn State commit Myles Dread.

Dread, a 6-foot-4, strongly built wing, paced Steve Turner’s bunch, especially with his performance on the offensive end. He was aggressive and showed his versatility as a wing prospect.

Dread knocked down a pair of three-pointers, hit a catch and shoot jumper from 10-feet, posted up for a score over his left shoulder and finished at the rim. Dread scored 14 points in Gonzaga’s 16-point victory.

Q&A with Myles Dread

How do you think you played tonight?
I think I played alright. Did my job, got my teammates involved, scored when I needed to, rebounded, I was guarding a bigger kid at first and it was tough. He could play. I just had to play my heart out, take charges, and defend.

You seemed confident on offense, have you been working on trying to round out your scoring attack?
Yes sir. I shoot the ball, get to the rack, get to the free throw line as much as possible, I didn’t get to the free throw line today but you just got to keep attacking. Ball going to fall whichever way it goes.

How comfortable are you shooting the ball now?
Very comfortable. I mean I work on this offseason day and night working on my jump-shot and I feel comfortable enough to shoot it when I’m open and shoot the right shot.

What is Penn State telling you that you need to work on before you get on campus?
They just tell me to keep playing my game, tell me to be an all-around player, just be a pit-bull, be a dog down on the floor, take charges, defend and score the ball like I can and I’ll be fine.

Ultimately why did you go with Penn State?
I love the coaches, the players, the team is very, very family oriented, it’s not to far to come home if I need to, and I love the atmosphere. I really love their business school. I visited there in June and walked through their business school and I really want to study business when I get to college.

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