Hamidou Diallo (Nike/Jon Lopez)

Q&A with five-star guard Hamidou Diallo

HYATTSVILLE, Md. -- Five-star recruit Hamidou Diallo breaks down the latest with his development and the recruiting process.

Evan Daniels: That was probably the best I’ve seen you play…How does that stack up compared to some of your better games?

Hamidou Diallo: I wouldn’t say that’s the best I’ve played, ever. I mean that was a good game, a good performance, but I mean I just came out with a clear mind...just came out playing hard leading my guys to a victory.

You seemed more under control and within yourself than when I saw you at Prep Showcase, did you feel that?
I mean definitely. Everything was just smoother and all, like I said before bunch of things went wrong but just trying to put everything past me and just come out and play hard every day I’m here. That’s pretty much it, coming out here with a clear mind.

You can obviously get your shot pretty much anytime, do you feel you have to work on your outside shot a lot since that’s the big thing for you right now?
Yeah definitely I have been putting in work on my outside shooting, working on strength, dribbling, quickness, a bunch of things I have to work on I mean I’m not a complete player yet. Just a bunch of things I have to work on to prepare for myself.

Who do you compare yourself to?
That’s tough. Honestly, there’s a bunch of players out there like me. And some of the players I like and I’m trying to steal bits and pieces of their game I’ve seen: Russell Westbrook, Paul George, Dwyane Wade, and Kevin Durant.

What do you feel like you will get from going to 1 year of college?
Picking the right school, I would say first, and I’m just big on player development. Just trying to make it to the next level, not only make it but also have a great career. So I’m just big on player development.

Is there anything specifically you’re trying to work on…do you feel like you play any better in a certain type of system?
Yeah I feel like I work better in a system where the coach loves me and just pushes me everyday and just wants me to be my best and make sure I’m not slacking.

What are your thoughts on Calipari at Kentucky?
Great program. Great players. I haven’t really got to visit yet so I haven’t really got the feel for Kentucky itself. But I mean, it seems like some of the great people I met with Cal and Coach Barbee a couple of times, seems like great guys.

Going through the other schools on your list, Indiana, what’s your thoughts on those guys?
I mean, Tom Crean, he is great on player development. You can see it in his past players and his players like Dwyane Wade and Victor Oladipo. I mean those are just 2 guys he’s gotten better and made them better at the next level. I mean, that’s just the big thing on Indiana. They’re just big on player development and Coach Crean is great on that.

What about Kansas?
Bill Self and Coach [Norm Roberts] have been recruiting me for a long time now I would say. They seem like great guys, I haven’t really gotten a feel for campus and things like that so…

I’ve been there a couple of times, I mean family up there, I mean I love the fans up there, the fans are great. Seems like Jim Boeheim is a great guy and I just like Syracuse.

How many schools have you taken unofficials to?
UCONN, Syracuse, Maryland, and I can’t remember off the top of my head…I’ve taken a lot of unofficials.

Arizona what stands out to you about those guys?
Coach Book [Richardson] and coach Sean Miller been up to my school a bunch of times, probably 3. They’re just really good at recruiting, Coach Sean Miller seems like a great guy, just feels like a family atmosphere and I haven’t really got to visit Arizona so I cant really tell you how much I really feel while I was on campus btu they’re in the Pac 12, I’m really interested in that conference, up and down in transition so that’s why Arizona is on my list.

What stands out to you about Connecticut?
Coach Kevin ollie is great with player development. He runs a grest program up ther and it seems like a family atmosphere. They just have a great program with great fans.

I would assume the next step in the process is official visits, is that something you started to think about?
Just still trying to work it out. I mean it’s tough with my schedule right now so just trying to see who I really want to visit because I got 6 right now and I don’t even know if I’m going to take 5 visits honestly so just really trying to see who I want to visit, see who is leaving, who is staying.

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