Marvin Bagley

No. 1 2018 prospect Marvin Bagley breaks down final six

LAS VEGAS - Marvin Bagley has long held the title of Scout's top-ranked 2018 prospect. Scout caught up with the five-star power forward at the Tarkanian Classic.

Scout’s top-ranked 2018 prospect is back on the court and off to a good start as a junior.

Marvin Bagley, a 6-foot-11, 220-pound power forward from Chatsworth (Calif.) Sierra Canyon, had to sit out his sophomore season following a transfer from Phoenix but he’s enjoying being a part of what might be the best high school team in the country,

“It feels great to be out here winning games and I’m looking forward to winning more,” Bagley said. “We have great chemistry on and off the court; we’re like brothers. I think it shows on the court and I feel great to be in a situation like this.”

An athletic post who can score inside and out, who also handles and passes well for the position, rebounds and defends multiple positions, Bagley is still pushing to improve his game.

“There’s always something you can improve,” Bagley said. “Every day I try to find one thing I need to work on to make sure I have an all-around game. I can’t relax; I need to keep pushing because I’m not where I want to be.”

There are six programs seriously involved in Bagley’s recruitment.

“I have six right now,” Bagley said. “I cut it down recently but I still have a year so things could change but it’s UCLA, Arizona, Arizona State, Oregon, Duke and Kentucky.”

The five-star prospect broke down what he likes about each program currently involved.

UCLA: “They’re in there. I went to a game a few weeks ago and got the chance to see them up close at home and they really run the floor well, especially (Lonzo) Ball; he pushes the ball and looks for his teammates. That’s the type of style of play I fit in at.”

Arizona: “Coach Sean Miller, coach (Joe) Pasternack, all those guys are great coaches and I really like how they play the game. I like how they coach. I’ve seen a couple practices and I really like the vibe there. I just feel comfortable there.”

Arizona State: “I was born in Arizona and grew up on Arizona State. My grandfather went there. I used to go to ASU games all the time and I was an ASU fan when I was six, seven years old. I’m really familiar with that area, campus and school.”

Oregon: “I haven’t been to Oregon but whenever I watch them on TV they just run. It just looks like they’re a fast paced team and I like how they get the rebound and push. I like that type of game.”

Duke: “Duke speaks for itself. You see them play, every year they’re one of the top schools in the country. Coach K is a great coach who has won a lot of games. I like the way they play and run. Everyone does what they do best individually and as a team.”

Kentucky: “Watching them a couple times this year, they get out and run. They don’t slow the game down; they just play with what they have. That’s pretty much what I’m looking for.”

Of Bagley’s six, he says there aren’t any schools which have an edge on the others.

“Everybody is even,” he said. “I don’t have a favorite. I want to see where I can fit in at all of those schools. I want to take my visits and see where I fit in well.”

Don’t expect Bagley to end his recruitment in the near future.

“No time soon,” Bagley said. “I really don’t know when I’ll make a decision but I can tell you that it won’t be any time soon. I’m taking it day by day and I can’t really tell you when I’ll do it but when it’s time, it will happen.”

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