Eric Ayala

Q&A with four-star guard Eric Ayala

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- 2018 four-star guard Eric Ayala and Putnam (Conn.) Putnam Science Academy played in the City of Palms Classic on Sunday. Following a win, Ayala spoke to Scout about his game, the latest in his recruitment and if he may jump to the 2017 class.

Evan Daniels: How’s your season going?
Eric Ayala: Season is going good right now. In the beginning we had some downs, it was a little roller coaster in the beginning but now we’re on our way up. Guys are playing good, we’re coming together as a team, and we’re playing hard right now.

How do you think your game is developing?
Just trying to stay in the game every day and get better every day. Like tonight I made my teammates better in other places when I wasn’t making shots, but I’m trying to be a leader on the floor, making sure I was the coach on the floor, just making sure I can do other things. Kind of speaking to that, you’re known to be able to score but also to kind of distribute, is it about trying to find a balance between the 2? Right now we just go with whoever is rolling. Jaheam [Cornwall] was rolling tonight so he got the ball most of the time but usually I just get the ball and we play off each other like whoever is rolling that’s who we’re going with and tonight he was rolling.

How’s the recruiting process going?
It’s been heating up lately. Everybody is getting involved right now:  TexasLouisvilleKansasVillanovaSyracuseConnecticutMaryland almost everybody right now.

Is there any chance you go 2017?
There’s a chance, it’s in the dark right now. I’m not really focused on it right now but it’s probably something I’ll think about toward the end of the year towards graduation when it comes out who is where, what’s going on in college, where I want to be at, how I feel.

Is there certain schools that will play into that?
Yeah there’s some schools recruiting in 2017 like that got that opportunity for me to come in there and play right away so that’s also a factor in it too. I want to do what’s best for me though.

Which schools are the one’s trying to get you in 2017?
Of course Syracuse, those are probably like the main ones. They’re recruiting me in ’18 but would like for me to come in ’17 if I wanted to. But a lot of schools are recruiting me to like ’18, but if I want to come in ’17 some will let me if it makes sense. And none are like “come for ’17” or “we’re just recruiting you for ‘17”.


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