Keith Williams

Future Cincinnati Bearcat Keith Williams excelled at Slam Dunk to the Beach

LEWES, DE - Future Cincinnati Bearcat Keith Williams had an impressive showing on day one of the Slam Dunk to the Beach event.

The University of Cincinnati Bearcats have asserted themselves as the top team in the American Conference this season. They are looking to stay on that perch with help from the 2017 recruiting class, and one of the Bearcats signees shined at Slam Dunk to the Beach.

Keith Williams was huge in leading Bishop Loughlin to a win on Tuesday. He scored 26 points and gave consistent energy and toughness in the win.

About his season so far, Williams said, “The start to the season has been great. We took two tough losses, but everything else is going good, and it has been a good start for us. I think we have a chance to have a great season.”

Individually while Williams has been good, he knows he has things to improve on before getting to Cincinnati.

“I know I have to continue to improve because in a few months I’ll be in college,” noted Williams. “I know I have to improve my shooting and my offensive game because my game just isn’t polished yet. I am trying to stay sharp and with everything.”

Even though he knows he has to continue to improve, Williams is excited to be making his future home in the Queen City.

“I can’t wait to get to Cincinnati,” said Williams. “I think I fit in well with them. I play defense and I’m athletic, so their playing style just fits my game.”

He continued, “It is great to watch them. I just see me on the court. I know it is my playing style, and I can’t wait to get there.”

With continued improvement, Williams is clearly looking like the type of wing that Mick Cronin wins games with.

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