Jordan Walker

High majors track guard Jordan Walker

The Patrick School guard Jordan Walker had a solid showing at the City of Palms Classic and is garnering high major college interest.

Point guards in the 2017 seemed to fly off the board and this late in the game; options have dwindled for college coaches looking to secure a quality lead guard.

One option for coaches is Elizabeth (N.J.) The Patrick School standout Jordan Walker

At the City of Palms Classic, Walker showed off his impressive speed, aggressive nature and passing ability. Walker, who stands 5-foot-10, also impresses with his on the ball defense.

“Everyone has their strengths and I think one of my biggest strengths is my quickness and my speed,” Walker told Scout. “But at times I need to learn when to use that speed and sometimes just tame that speed. And I think that when I control my speed and not use it when I need to, it works out really good.”

One area Walker is trying to improve is his leadership.

“Leading,” Walker said when asked about an area for improvement. “I feel like when you’re able to be a better leader at everything, all aspects of your game will come into place.”

College coaches have certainly taken notice of Walker’s talent.

“The recruiting process is going really well,” he said. “I’m hearing from Seton Hall a lot, USF, OklahomaOklahoma State, those are really the only few right now.”

“Seton Hall offered, Oklahoma I don’t know if they’re going to offer but they have a high interest in me, Oklahoma State has high interest too. USF said they’re probably going to offer me soon.”

Walker has taken multiple unofficial visits to Seton Hall.

“I love it there,” Walker said. “It was like the first spot I’ve been to when I first started getting recruited and stuff like that, so it was like the first school I went to.”

“I love Seton Hall because they were the first major program to s art recruiting me,” he added. “Secondly I like them because they let their guards control their team.”

Walker also added that GeorgiaVCU and Saint Louis have recently gotten involved in his recruitment.

In terms of making a college choice, Walker doesn’t have a timetable

“I’m probably going to wait this thing out,” he said. “I’m focused on this season right now.”

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