Weather A Factor For Louisme

Robinson Louisme likes the south. In fact, he's pretty much decided he's going to pick a school where it's warm. Here's the latest with Louisme.

Robinson Louisme has his mind made up. He's not going to worry about winter jackets unless he's on a road trip. Weather is a big factor in his decision.

"The main thing is that I probably might stay around the south," Louisme said. "I love the sun; I don't think I can handle the cold. I'm more interested in the schools in the south but I have a little in the north."

The big man's list reads South Alabama, Tulane, South Carolina and South Florida. So far, Tulane, South Alabama and South Florida have offered. Tulane and South Alabama are coming in for him visits. South Carolina is setting one up.

Right now, the big fella doesn't have an official visit set up. He averaged 14 points a game last season. He attended the 2003 Nike All-American Camp. Presently, he has no leader.

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