Garcia Switches Schools, Seeks Commitment

Jose Garcia, a junior, is changing high schools. He's also aggressively looking for a college. Garcia is thinking about a very early decision.

Jose Garcia's travels have taken him from Angola to Belgium and for the past year he's been at Holy Cross in Virginia. Now, he's switched high schools. He'll be attending Charlottesville (VA) St. Ann's Belfield.

"I was looking for a stronger program with English as a second language," Garcia said. The 2003 adidas ABCD All-Star also noted that Holy Cross changed head coaches. St. Ann's Belfield will have basketball players from South Africa and Lithuania this season.

Despite the school change, the biggest news with Garcia is that he's actively looking for a college to commit to this month. "I'm going to wait a month a month and then commit to someone," Garcia said. "I really want to commit soon so I can focus on my junior year."

Upon returning home from the July circuit, Garcia was met with letters from 60 different schools. Louisville, according to Garcia, was the hardest to charge after the month. Garcia feels that Louisville will offer him and in his mind, they lead. "A lot of people have told me that Rick Pitino is a great coach," Garcia said.

North Carolina, which recently took a 2005 swingman, would be the school to beat should they offer.

Virginia, Florida State, Virginia Tech, Florida and North Carolina State are also recruiting him. The Hokies and Cavaliers have offered already, according to Garcia. Florida is likely to come see him early in the month and his new school is just minutes from the Virginia campus.

The bottom line with Garcia is that if someone really charges hard after him in the next few weeks, they could make a move and possibly land a commitment from this high-scoring junior.

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