Sid Wilson

Q&A wth 2018 wing Sid Wilson

What's the latest on Sid Wilson, Scout's No. 48 recruit in the 2018 class? Here's a Q&A with the talented wing out of Wolfeboro (N.H.) Brewster Academy.

Evan Daniels: When you’re at your best what’re you doing?
Sid Wilson: Just doing everything for my team, playing defense, being able to shoot the ball, getting to the rim, helping my teammates out, just being an energy guy to elevate everyone else’s game to the next level.

How’s the recruiting process going?
It’s going pretty good. Got a lot of schools contacting me, been growing since the summer time since I’ve been at school really, at open gym I had a lot more schools contacting me an that’s the biggest thing right now.

What schools are recruiting you?
UConn, TexasIndianaMiami (Fl) and Maryland are coming at me at a daily basiss right about now.

Have you taken any visits?
I took an unofficial visit to Texas and UCONN.

What’d you think about Texas?
Texas was great. I enjoyed myself there. Coach Shaka Smart is a great guy, Coach Lucas is a great guy, me and my brother and little sister went on the visit, it was great. He just really cared about my family which was great.

When was that?
August right before Elite 24.

What about UCONN?
UConn was great, Coach Ollie was great, he was just a goods guy, he just spoke to me and my dad, also my teammate Mosie Brown, he was also there with us on the visit, it was a great time. He just told me he believed in me as a person and a player so that really was a big thing.

Do you remember when that was?
Right before school started, first week of September.

Do you think you’ll visit those other schools?
I’ll probably take a trip to Maryland, since that is close and will probably take another trip to UConn.

What do you like about Maryland?
Energetic, Coach Bino [Ranson] came to open gym very energized like he wanted to play with us so that’s really a great thing, I like energy because that’s one of game I try to feed off energy. Another thing is they’re family oriented, I know some of the guys from Maryland as well from playing against them and things like that so it’s really a family oriented team, they tell me a lot and that’s the big thing for me right now.

What’s Indiana’s interest been like?
Just they need a wing player, they feel like I could be like Troy Williams on the wing. Another guy who is athletic, get to the basket, that’s really the biggest thing to me right now because they lost him as a wing and they feel like OG is going to be going to the league as well so that’s another thing.

What do you like about Miami?
Great place. Coach L is really energetic as well, he talks to me on a daily basis. He was really excited when he first got on the phone with me so that was really a good thing, I felt like he believed in me as well.

Is there any chance you go back to 17?
I’m mostly leaning toward 18 but if I feel like I’m ready and me and my family feel like I’m ready to go to 17 then I might go to 17.

Any time frame on making a college choice?
Probably be more toward the end of the season.

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