Abdul Mohamed

Two dream schools for 2019 Seattle PF Abdul Mohamed

Abdul Mohamed is a versatile four man from Seattle. The 2019 prospect has two dream schools.

One of the Northwest’s top prospects in 2019 is Abdul Mohamed, a 6-foot-8, 190-pound four man from West Seattle.

Mohamed has good size and length and is a versatile athlete with a high level feel who really uses his vision to make his teammates better.

“I feel like I’m playing really well this year,” Mohamed said. “I started off really strong. I’ve gotten better offensively, I’m getting more rebounds and jumping a lot better.

“The next step for me is getting my shot and ball handling better.”

There are several programs showing Mohamed attention.

“I have an offer from Portland State; Boise State and Seattle say they could offer soon,” Mohamed said. “I’m hearing from Washington, Oregon State, Cornell and Western Kentucky.”


There are two schools Mohamed is especially hoping to offer him.

“My dream schools are Washington and Stanford,” he said. “Washington is a really good academic school and I like math.

“If I go to UW and I play basketball but don’t do well, I’ll still have an education. If I do well, it’s a good school to go to for the next level.

“Stanford is the same. If you go to Stanford and get a degree, that’s 100% opportunity to get a job out of college. It’s all about the academics there.”

Mohamed emphasized that academics will be a big part of his recruiting process.

“Education is a big deal to me,” he said. “I’ll go to the best fit for me academically first and then basketball.”

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