Debonaire Doutrive

2018 recruit Devonaire Doutrive take step, sets ASU visit

VAN NUYS, Calif. -- 2018 guard Devonaire Doutrive is having a breakout junior season for Birmingham. He has one high major scholarship offer and plans to visit them over the weekend.

Devante Doutrive has been reeling in college attention due to his break out senior season, but he’s not the only Doutrive emerging out for Van Nuys (Calif.) Birmingham this year.

Devonair Doutrive, a 2018 prospect and the brother of Devante, is making his own waves. The younger Doutrive is a 6-foot-5 wiry guard with good quickness and athleticism.

“I’ve been playing more aggressively,” Devonaire said. “I’ve been working harder. I’ve been trying to be better than everybody else. I’ve been practicing the game just trying to be the best.”

Last year, Doutrive had the look of a potential mid-major recruit. But he’s progressed and is now tracking as a high major prospect. To go with his physical attributes, Doutrive is a good ball handler, talented passer and an aggressive scorer at the rim.

“I found my confidence,” Doutrive said about his improvement from sophomore year to junior season. “That’s all I needed was confidence and work on my game. I got in the weight room and got bigger.”

“At my best, I’m just playing like a team player, doing more of what the team needed if the team needs extra stuff,” he added.

On the recruiting front, Doutrive said offers and interest are starting to pick up. Thus far, Arizona StateUTEP and Loyola Marymount have offered. Doutrive and his brother Devante will visit Arizona State unofficially this weekend.

“They’re like high, medium-high,” he said when asked about ASU’s interest level. “We talked to the coach and stuff. I haven’t really watched any of their games really.”

Is anyone else showing strong attention?

Oregon I don’t know if Gonzaga is or not, but they were here [Friday] and Arizona.”

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