Dayton Flying High These Days

The Dayton Flyers have it rolling. As if the commitment of Jimmy Binnie wasn't enough, Brian Gregory added another player to his recruiting class this week.

Jimmy Binnie committed on Tuesday and his AAU teammate followed suit on Wednesday. Trent Meacham, the point guard for the successful Martin Bros. Select team, will be a Dayton Flyer next season.

So will Binnie, Norman Plummer and Brian Roberts. It's quite a recruiting haul for the Flyers, especially considering the circumstances.

This will be Gregory's first season as a head coach. A successful recruiter at Michigan State, Gregory has the fire to get it done in the A-10 but still this class could be ahead of its time.

The four players that comprise the group are each quite different. Meacham is the brains of the operation, the point guard that has a penchant for winning. Binnie is the scorer. Plummer, well, he's the athlete and Roberts is the long-range marksman.

While each is different, they're similar in one aspect: they were all at the top of the Dayton wish list. Rare is the first-year head coach who can say that each guy he signs was on his "A" list of recruits.

The Flyers worked this bunch pretty hard. They caught a nice break since Binnie and Meacham ran on the same AAU team; that meant they could watch two top targets at the same time all summer long. Both are friends and their chemistry made for a good fit.

Plummer came from the same league where on of Gregory's new assistants coached last year and Roberts from a highly successful AAU program.

Four players, each a prime target and each bringing something different to the table. The fifth piece of this first-year puzzle is a big man. Reported targets include Andrew Brackman and Goran Sutton, either one would certainly do and cap off what's been a terrific start for the Flyers.

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