Cody Riley

Q&A with five-star UCLA signee Cody Riley

SANTA ANA, Calif. -- Chatsworth (Calif.) Sierra Canyon power forward Cody Riley scored 20 points and reeled in 12 rebounds in a win over Las Vegas (Nev.) Bishop Gorman at the Nike Extravaganza. Following the win, Riley went one-on-one with

Evan Daniels: How do you think you played against Bishop Gorman?
Cody Riley: I played a solid game. I rebounded, ran the floor, I missed a few lay-ups that I could’ve finished, terrible from the free throw line, I didn’t show it tonight but I have been shooting them better throughout the season but besides those things it was a great team win.

How do you think your game is progressing?
I feel like you can always do better, that’s my mindset that you can always do better, but as far as this year it has been solid. The main thing, I just feel like has been more motivated when I’m out there because it’s my last season and I don’t know but something just clicked over the summer that this is my last go-around and so I got to make sure I give it all I got because you can’t get these games back.

What is Steve Alford telling you he wants you to work on before you get to campus?
Steve definitely wants me to get my stamina up because he expects me to play a lot of minutes and he tells me that all the time. Besides that, he decided to get me there during the summer and sharpen up/polish up a lot of things.

Have you been following UCLA's season?
I’ve been watching them a lot, talking to the coaching staff after the game, talking about what they can do better and how they see me helping them out.

In your eyes, how do you see yourself helping them next year?
From my eyes, I feel like I will be a great rebounder. That’s my mindset in college basketball, if I rebound then everything else will fall in place.

I’ve always seen that as your biggest strength, do you see that too?
For sure, for sure and I just now realized it this year.

What do you think makes you such a good rebounder?
I got really strong legs so it helps me out clearing out space and being able to explode up and get the ball.

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