Spencer Freedman

2018 point guard Spencer Freedman has strong showing at Nike X

SANTA ANA, Calif. -- 2018 point guard Spencer Freedma had a strong showing at the Nike Extravaganza over the weekend. What makes Freedman such an effective lead guard? He weighs in.

Point guards with the ability to run an offense, create shot opportunities for teammates, plus show a high basketball IQ are rare to find today.

But in a pair of games at the Nike Extravaganza, 2018 point guard Spencer Freedman showed off all three of those qualities. Where does that type of feel for the game stem from?

“I think it stems from being in the gym all the time, playing with a lot of guys that are older than I am, whether they’ve played college or professionally somewhere,” Freedman explained.


“Game speed is a little different so you kind of figure out how to get guys involved, where they want to be involved, and also it’s a testament to my teammates and the coaching staff because they make it all work.”

Freedman, a 6-foot, 155-pounder, said he’s at his best when he’s leading and running the team.

“I’m leading everybody out there and getting everybody involved, keeping everybody out there happy because we have a ton of talent and it’s not easy, and making open shots, and just really playing a great floor-game,” Freedman said.

What’s the next step in Freedman’s development?

“I think the next step is mostly defensively and a lot of that comes from strength and athleticism, quickness, speed, things like that,” Freedman said.

In terms of recruiting, Freedman is hearing from a wide range of schools.

“It’s going pretty well… Harvard, Princeton, a lot of the Ivy League schools, StanfordGonzaga a little bit, Rice, and a few other schools.”

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