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Five-star recruit Brandon McCoy takes two unofficial visits, updates recruitment

Four of the top 10 prospects in the country are still available in the 2017 class. Brandon McCoy is among the four and he's taken a pair of unofficial visits recently. Where do things stand in his recruitment?

Five-star recruit Brandon McCoy is among the top available prospects in the 2017 recruiting class.

Ranked as the No. 8 player in the class, McCoy has had the nation’s best pursue him, but he’s whittled down his list to ArizonaMichigan StateOregonSan Diego State and UNLV. McCoy has officially visited all of them, except for San Diego State.

“Right now, it’s going really good,” McCoy said of the recruiting process. “I just came from a San Diego State basketball game and it was real good. Right now I’m just taking my time just trying to finish off this season, we’re about to be in the playoffs.”

“It will probably be at the end of the season when I let my city know where I’m going to go,” he said. “Right now I’m just focusing on getting to the CIF and get this win. I feel like it would be unfair to me to focus on something else when my team expects me to lead them.”

Although McCoy, a standout at San Diego (Calif.) Cathedral Catholic, hasn’t taken an official visit to SDSU, he said he’s been by their campus a number of times, including for their win over Nevada on Sunday.

“It was a good atmosphere,” McCoy said. “They ended up beating them pretty bad by like 13 or 14, so it was a good atmosphere. It was loud and they were telling me to go to San Diego State so they made me feel welcome.”

The week prior, McCoy, a 7-footer, traveled to Oregon for an unofficial visit. McCoy watched the Ducks against Arizona on February 4th.

“It wasn’t even really a visit,” he said. “I just wanted to see the game, the Oregon versus Arizona game. It was great. It was crazy. I knew it was going to be a good game but I didn’t know Oregon was going to stomp them that bad. To see it in person, how every shot they shot was bottoms it was just crazy.”

“That’s one of those games that got my eyes open, because pace was a killer and Lauri [Markkanen] couldn’t really keep up. It was so fast for him. He couldn’t keep up. So that was one of those games that really opened my eyes with pace and just getting his wind up and getting in shape. I haven’t been fully in shape so that really opened my eyes.”

At this point, McCoy doesn’t have a timeframe for making his college choice and hasn’t decided when or if he’ll schedule an official visit to San Diego State.

“As far as officially, not that I know of,” he said when asked about visits. “Other than my last one at San Diego State I don’t know. Right now, the end of the season is about to hit hard. The playoffs are right around the corner.”

On the court, McCoy is known for his ability to control the paint by protecting the rim and going to the glass. But McCoy said during his senior season he’s learned how to be a better passer out of the post and get others involved.

“I feel like I have been playing way better just learning the game more,” he said. “Last year I had way more talented players but now we just we have grimier players and I’m starting to figure out how to be more of a team player. I’m averaging like four or five assists, so that’s something I’ve been adding to my game too.”

Following the season, McCoy is scheduled to play in a pair of post-season all-star games, as he was selected for the McDonald’s All-American game and the Jordan Brand Classic.

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