Q&A with five-star wing Gerald Liddell

2018 wing Gerald Liddell is averaging 20.2 points and 8.7 rebounds a game for Cibolo (Tex.) Steele during his junior season. What's the latest on the five-star recruit?

Evan Daniels: How’s your season going?
Gerald Liddell: It is going real good. I’m starting to like come out of my shell more, becoming more of a leader for my team and just trying to lead us to state because I know we can get it back. We went last year so I feel like we can do it again. We have a really good team and I’ve been playing well.

Describe your game .... When you’re at your best what’re you doing?
I’m just doing pretty much everything that coach asks me to do. Because you know in the summer I’m more of a wing guy but being the tallest player on my team, my coach kind of asks me to get in there and rebound a lot, do some dirty work that I usually wouldn’t be doing in the summer so just that and really everything for the team. Bringing the ball up, creating for others and creating for myself too. http://www.scout.com/player/198827-gerald-liddell Is there anything you’re trying to get better at right now?
Yeah, I’m trying to get better behind the arc because in college I’ll be playing the wing and you got to be able to knock down that shot and then definitely getting stronger and faster for the next level.

What about recruiting wise, how is that process going for you?
It’s going good, it’s going really good… Oregon offered me.

So Oregon offered, who else has offered?
ArizonaFlorida StateIowa StateSMUUCLACreightonTexasNC StateBaylorKansas and Tennessee. I’ve been talking to Notre Dame a lot so I don’t know what they’re going to do but I’ve been talking to them a lot.

Do you feel like certain schools are prioritizing you?

Yeah definitely I feel like that with being in contact with different schools on a daily basis. It really makes me feel like I’m a top priority if they take the time to talk to me everyday and tell me different things so I definitely feel like I have become a top priority for some schools… Creighton says I’m one of their top, then UCLA, and then mostly all the Texas schools.

Have you done any unofficial visits recently?
Not recently but I’m planning on getting out somewhere maybe Oregon and UCLA. But pretty recently I went to Arizona. I went to their red and blue game, it was recently nice so I definitely want to get back out there.

What do you like about those guys (Arizona)?
I like the way they play and I definitely like their coaching staff and their players because I was out there for a couple days so I got to hang and look around so it’s really nice. And I used to live in Tucson so I’ve always been around it.

You say you may want to visit Oregon, what’s the draw with those guys?
I just been talking to coach a lot and he’s been telling me to come check it out, it’s a nice place so I definitely want to see what they have to offer out there and they’re having a heck of a season so that’s always great.

Where have you been unofficially?
I’ve been to like every school in Texas, I’ve been to UCLA during the summer though so there really wasn’t much going on there.

UCLA is coming after you pretty hard? What sticks out about them?
Yeah, definitely. Everything really sticks out about them, they’re having one of their best seasons and then all the top players they’re getting in the 2017 class really sticks out too so that could mean another great season like this one so we’ll see how they do in the tournament.

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