Jacob Epperson

2017 Aussie big man Jacob Epperson takes visit, 2 more on tap

METAIRIE, La. -- After emerging over the summer playing with AUSA Hoops, Jacob Epperson has continued to build his reputation on the court at La Lumiere and then this weekend at Basketball Without Borders.

Jacob Epperson, one of the best available post prospects in the 2017 recruiting class, was among the participants at Basketball Without Borders this past weekend.

And Epperson's presence was felt, as he was one of the bright spots of the camp, especially in the post.

Already regarded as the No. 57 player in the 2017 class, Epperson played with confidence, rebounded better than I’ve seen in the past and was aggressive when he had scoring opportunities.

“I went into this first day feeling a bit nervous seeing all these people that are about my height,” Epperson said. “So seeing these people almost as tall as you, or as tall as you it’s a bit intimidating but you go in and give it your best every day.”


“It’s progressing slowly,” he added about his game. “Coming over here was great thing and going to La Lu, I think we’ve improved my game a lot.”

In what ways has he improved the most?

“Just working with people and playing against US players,” Epperson said. “Back home no one is as athletic or anything like that so coming over here it’s a whole different ball game.”

On the recruiting front, Epperson is in the midst of figuring out his destination for next season. He recently took an official visit to Toledo, where his father played college ball.

“It was good,” he said of the visit. “I enjoyed it, seeing my dad’s old school and stuff like that. They brought him out at half time. But yeah it was good. He enjoyed it and I liked it. I liked the half time.”

Next up for Epperson is an official visit to Creighton on the 28th. He’s then scheduled to visit Utah on February 2nd.

“I’m going to try to get one more at Texas and then after that, I don’t know,” he said.”

Epperson said he’s on track to make his college choice in April.

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