Dane Goodwin

Ohio State has an impressive talent committed in Dane Goodwin

Ohio State has a good looking class of 2018. Leading the way is Dane Goodwin who has asserted himself as one of the top offensive players in the Midwest.

When the Ohio State Buckeyes took a commitment from Dane Goodwin before he ever played a game of high school basketball that opened a lot of eyes. Goodwin made an impression on the Ohio State staff during a summer team camp that led to the offer.

Nearly three years after getting the offer and committing, Goodwin appears to be hitting his stride as a prospect.


Always known as a big time shooter, Goodwin has continued to develop in that way. Now Goodwin has to be considered arguably the best shooter in the entire country, and is somebody who does more than shoot when on the offensive end.

While Goodwin is definitely not a point guard, and isn’t a tremendous athlete, he does have a good understanding of the game and how to get open. He moves well without the basketball setting himself up for open looks, and then he also does a good job of attacking closeouts and getting into the mid-range for shots.

Because of how special his ability to shoot the basketball is, Goodwin should have defenders running at him to contest shots. Since the beginning of his career to now he has improved greatly at using that to his advantage, and now he is a threat off the bounce as well.

Beyond that Goodwin is a solid passer and a tough kid. When he gets to the mid-range area he is good at finding open teammates and also isn’t afraid to attack the glass for an offensive rebound or two.

On the defensive end Goodwin is average. He is solid moving laterally, but he isn’t super long or super quick so he doesn’t project to be a tremendous defender. Still he has a good understanding of the game and seems to care on the defensive end, so he should be average on that end of the floor, especially as he gets stronger and more used to defending within a system.

With his father being a college coach, Goodwin has been well schooled for a while, and it is obvious that he knows how to play. On offense he is one of the best players in his class because of the ability to shoot the basketball, and he has rare toughness for a kid who is such a good shooter.

The class of 2018 rankings are being updated this week, and look for Goodwin to make a significant jump in them. Ohio State is getting an excellent player in Goodwin, and someone who should come in right away and make an impact because of his ability to fill it up from deep.

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