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Headed by a superstar in Marvin Bagley, the class of 2018 continues to show growth

Not a ton of praise was heaped upon the class of 2018 early on, but nationally the group keeps adding depth and is headlined by a legit superstar in Marvin Bagley.

The class of 2018 hasn’t quite attracted the praise of some others right around it. 2016 was touted as a generational type class, 2017 is seen as excellent, and 2019 has a ton of star power already with a very exciting future. However the class of 2018 has never been spoken about in those glowing terms.

One thing the class has is a superstar at the top in Marvin Bagley. Bagley is as good as any high school player in the country right now, but there have always been questions behind him both in terms of star power and depth.


Now it seems the class is taking a move in the right direction. It still might lack a bit of star power at the top, though Romeo Langford, Zion WilliamsonCameron Reddish, and Jordan Brown have done nothing to hurt their stocks as juniors, but the depth is really picking up.

Players such as Ohio State pledge Dane Goodwin have taken a step forward and jumped into the rankings, same with Devonaire Doutrive, David Duke, Cormac Ryan, Landers Nolley and Penn State commitment Myles Dread.

Beyond that some sleepers have emerged such as Pete Nance, the son of former NBA All-Star Larry Nance.

As if that weren’t enough, the class features guys who just project to be great college players such as Emmitt Williams, Jahvon Quinerly, and Keldon Johnson all of whom have been consistent and extremely productive as juniors.

While this group won’t have all the hype coming into college that some classes have had, this group is continuing to improve, and continues to add depth to the ranks.

There are very good players who we thought would end up in the top 100 that missed the cut due to numbers, and the fact that others in the class are making big strides with their game.


For now it is a class with some holes to fill as we head into the key spring and summer evaluation periods, but in 2018 there is a lot to like right now about the direction it is headed.

 If a few of the high upside but inconsistent prospects such as Bol Bol, Nazreon Reid, Louis King, and JaVonte Smart being to put it all together, people could be singing a different tune about this group in terms of its star potential, like we are already seeing in terms of the top to bottom depth of the class.

Overall there is still a need for players to step up in 2018, but things are much brighter than they appeared heading into the high school season.

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