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How does the newly opened job at Georgetown stack up in the recruiting world

John Thompson III is now done as the head coach at Georgetown. Here is a look at where the job rates in terms of its recruiting potential.

In what came as a surprise to most around the college basketball world, the Georgetown Hoyas parted ways with long time coach John Thompson III on Thursday. Thompson, who is an institution at the school along with his father, was seen as safe by most because of the family connection to the university. However that all changed on Thursday, and now one of the premier recruiting jobs in the country is open.

Quite simply there might not be a better school location wise with the possible exceptions of UCLA and USC in the country for recruiting. Georgetown sits in the heart of Washington D.C., and that area has emerged as arguably the top talent producing spot in the country.

The talent coming out of Washington D.C. on a yearly basis is incredible, and along with that the talent gets coached. The WCAC is arguably the best high school league in the country, and the coaches in the league are top notch.

Also the AAU programs, Team Takeover (Nike), DC Premier (Under Armour), DC Blue Devils (Under Armour), and DC New World (adidas) are some of the best around. Not only do they have well run organizations, but many former college coaches work in those organizations.

With that said, in order to be an effective recruiter within Washington D.C. you have to have connections to the area. It is not a place where an outsider can just come in without prior knowledge of the land, so whatever head coach gets the job needs to be smart about his staff.

Beyond Washington D.C., the Baltimore area is very solid for talent, and also it is possible to recruit New York and New Jersey as well as other parts of the country as well.

Georgetown has a significant national brand, a Jordan sponsorship, and a lot of parents of prospects grew up dreaming of playing for Georgetown and following the program.

Because of all of these factors, Georgetown is a job where one recruiting class can change things very quickly, and it is possible to get done with the right candidate.

The roster no doubt will need a bit of an overhaul, but the resources are there for Georgetown to turn it around and quickly, and the easiest way to do it is simply to recruit their backyard effectively.

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