FSU Visit: "It Was Awesome"

There are good visits and then there are great ones. By the sound of it, Charles Thomas had a great visit last weekend and with one more on the horizon, things are starting to come into focus.

"It was awesome," said Charles Thomas of his official visit to Florida State.

"I went down there and they impressed me. They really did. They really impressed me. From the moment I got there, they had Charles Thomas, Florida State No. 21 on my door. They had my picture on a poster. It was very special."

And so, Florida State moves up on his list which is essentially a two-team race between the Seminoles and Oklahoma. Georgia and Penn State are worthy of mention but definitely in his second tier right now.

Thomas has a leader and that team is the Seminoles. "Yes, sir, right now they are."

Actually, Thomas liked the visit so much that committing did cross his mind. "I was close but I had promised that I'd come to Oklahoma before I committed."

Even with all the positives that happened in Tallahassee last weekend, the Sooners aren't too far from his mind.

"Florida State they really showed me something. Oklahoma was my leader. I think they need to really impress me. I'm pretty sure they will."

For Thomas, while he's starting to really get comfortable with the ‘Noles and Sooners, it's making his decision all the harder. "I do feel like [it's tougher]. At first I loved Oklahoma, then I went to Florida State and they became my leader. It's going to be a very hard decision to make. Its two top programs and you can't go wrong with any one of them."

" Florida State is on the rise. The whole town, it's a college atmosphere. Football and now basketball is on the rise. They've got expectations. Oklahoma is already up there. I'm faced with the choice if I want to build on something or be a part of the construction."

Thomas has some home visits set up and went as far as to tell Penn State that he was thinking about coming up there, but right now it sounds like Oklahoma is only sure thing on the visit slate."

"I never expected the recruitment to go like this. It's been so tough."

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