Q&A With 5 Star M.J Walker

Walker talks about where things stand now with his requitment and when he'll make a decision.

Evan Daniels: How has your McDonald's experience been so far?

M.J. Walker: It feels good. A lot of competition out here, just enjoying each and every moment.

How have you improved over the last year?
I think my confidence, just staying in the gym, putting up shots, improving every aspect in my game that I can. Like I said, just my confidence, my mentality.

If your job was to rank players, who would you rank number 1?
That’s tough, if I were to choose I’d say definitely Mike.

How’s the recruiting process going?
It’s going good, taking a couple of visits over the next couple of weeks. I haven’t decided exactly which one I want to go to but I definitely got to, but I definitely have a list of schools I’d like to go to.

You’ve been to Florida State, what’s your take on those guys?

I enjoyed it down there. Their coaching staff, I had a great vibe with them. Their players, Bacon leaving and Isaac leaving I know they’re going to need a guard to come in and step up so just being down there I really liked it.

You’ve been to Georgia Tech unofficially a coupe of times, how is their recruitment of you going?
Coach has just invited me to some of the games that they’ve had. I actually really like their system. Like I said, I feel like I fit well in their system as well because they just need that guard that can score efficiently. I think I could do well in their system as well.

Does their success help them as well?
I think it does, especially if I were to come in there, even though they got Josh Okogie, I just feel like with that team and that chemistry, you know they got a lot of good things going on down there and for me to come in that would be good for that program.

Who else is on your list of schools?
UCLAKansasVirginia Tech, MarylandOhio StateFlorida StateUNLV was talking about something. These are just a couple of the schools I’m thinking about maybe.

Are there any of them that you know you want to see?
I think I want to go out to the west coast and see UCLA. I think I might go out to Maryland, I’m not sure or not. Maryland, Virginia Tech, between them two and that’s really probably a lot right now but it could change.

What about Kansas? Are they still recruiting you hard?
Kansas I might go out there, yeah pretty much.

What about a time frame?
It will probably be between April and May, not sure. If it takes up to the last day, then it takes up to the last day. That’s what my timeframe is right now.

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