Q&A with five-star center Brandon McCoy

CHICAGO -- One of the best post players at the McDonald's All-American festivities is five-star talent Brandon McCoy. He also happens to be one of the best available players in the country as well. McCoy's list of schools is at five and he broke down his contenders with Scout.com.

Evan Daniels: You having fun out here at McDonald’s?
Brandon McCoy: I'm so thankful and blessed to be in this position to play in the McDonald’s All-American you know all the great players that have played in it: LeBron, Karl Towns, all the players that you look up to came through here so to be a part of it is just something special.

Do you have anything you want to prove this week in the game?
Honestly, I’m not saying I want to prove anything, I just want to put on a show because I’m from here so honestly I just want to put on a show for all my family and I just want to have fun and learn a lot while I’m out here.


Describe your game for me for people that may not know it…
When I’m at my best I’m just competing. I think what my asset is I’m just a competitor. Whether it’s offensively or defensively, I just want to do better than everyone. I think that I’m really good at shooting, I think I’m really good at putting the ball in the basket as well as defensively, blocking shots, rebounding and bringing that competitiveness and that energy that everyone misses.

What can you work to get better at?
I can do better at everything. You never learn the game so you know LeBron is learning new moves every day, they pull something out of the bag every day. I think I can work on attitude, just being more bigger and just work on my mindset.

You having fun with the recruiting process?
I’m having fun, you know it gets stressful just thankful and blessed to be in a position like this. People don’t know where they’re going because they don’t have no where to go. I have places to go and I don’t know where I’m going and I’m just thankful to be in that position. All the hard work that’s been put in is just starting to pay off and I’m just thankful.

Where do things stand with it?
As far as schools, right now my top five is: ArizonaMichigan StateUNLVSan Diego State and Oregon.

Lets go through each of them and discuss what you like…
Michigan State: great, great coach. Coach Izzo is a Hall of Fame coach. When I went out there it was like a family oriented program, they all loved each other like brothers and you know I felt comfortable around the guys.

UNLV: Coach Menzies, he was at New Mexico State before. He has some flaws and stuff and all that but he made the best of it and he produced a big man to go to the league and stuff so he told me about that. It’s UNLV so they’re trying to bring it back, they were number one in the nation at one point in time and go there and bring it back!

Oregon: Coach Altman you know they’re in the Final Four right now and when I went out there my brother went there, Dwayne Benjamin, he is in Australia right now but he went out there and he just loved it and he just got better and stuff and coach knows what he’s doing.

Arizona: Sean Miller is a great coach, probably going to be one of the best coaches to coach as far as time goes by and it’s Arizona, you know they produce so many lottery picks, Stanley Johnson and so on so that’s a great place to go.

SDSU: is right at home. Steve Fischer is a Hall of Fame coach once again, you know Fab 5, it goes back through history with him. Like I said it’s right at home so nobody has to leave, I can be close to my uncle you know be close to everybody and everyone can goes to my games so it’s a lot to think about.

Is there a school or two that you feel is standing out?
I don’t know man, there probably is, there probably is two of them right now but it may be like “One day I’m going to go here.” And the next day like “I’m going to go there.” Because there’s so many like pros and situations that it’s just so hard to think about. “What if you make the wrong decision? What if you make the right decision?” so I think the reason I’m taking my time is everybody says negative things and positive things, the reason I’m taking my time is this really sets your whole life up, going to college, it sets up how you’re going to be as far as career, whether it be basketball or whether you want to be a doctor, you know whatever, so I just want to make sure that when I make that decision that I feel 100% comfortable with that decision.

Do you have a timeframe on when you want to knock this out?
I feel like I might make a decision in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned for that.

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